Ambitious Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Super Specialty Hospital & Post Graduate Institute for Medical Sciences in Nagpur

In a pivotal move, the proposal for the construction of the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Super Specialty Hospital & Post Graduate Institute for Medical Sciences at Indora has reached a crucial juncture. Placed before a high-powered committee for cost revision, this development has sparked discussions and protests, especially with considerations of shifting the project to Mihan in south-west Nagpur. Let’s delve into the intricacies surrounding this healthcare initiative.

The Cost Conundrum

A Decisive Resolution

The Mahayuti government, responding to concerns and protests, issued a resolution in December of the previous year, significantly downsizing the estimated cost to ₹575 crore. This reduction, exceeding 50% from the original estimate, aims to address the financial aspects and streamline the path for the hospital’s realization.

Initial Estimates vs. Revised Figures

Initially approved by the MVA government on October 6, 2021, the 615-bed hospital project was set at an estimated cost of ₹1,165 crore. However, the subsequent resolution by the Mahayuti government reflects a significant decrease. The detailed project report (DPR) outlines Rs879 crore for civil works and Rs286 crore for salaries and related expenses, with a phased increase in bed strength to 857.

The Political Landscape

Roadblocks and Resolutions

The project faced hurdles over the PPP model during the MVA government regime. Subsequently, under the Mahayuti government, deadlock arose over the relocation of the hospital from Indora to south-west Nagpur in Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis’s constituency. Fadnavis, advocating for government funding to avoid healthcare cost escalation for north Nagpur residents, emphasized the need for public welfare.

A Long-standing Dream

North Nagpur MLA and former district guardian minister Nitin Raut envisioned the hospital in 1997. Despite persistent challenges, Raut passionately pushed for its realization. He now calls for the immediate release of ₹80 crore for the groundbreaking ceremony, underlining the significance of this dream project for the region.

People’s Voice

Protests and Advocacy

Vedprakash Arya, a vocal politician, staged an indefinite strike against any attempts to shift the project. Arguing for the necessity of a government hospital in north Nagpur, especially in an area with 327 slums and a high population of the underprivileged, Arya decried potential conspiracies to divert the project elsewhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why was the estimated cost reduced by over 50%? The Mahayuti government responded to concerns and protests by issuing a resolution to downsize the estimated cost, fostering financial feasibility.
  2. What caused the deadlock over project relocation? The Mahayuti government faced challenges in shifting the project from Indora to south-west Nagpur, leading to a prolonged stalemate.
  3. Who proposed the hospital project, and when? North Nagpur MLA Nitin Raut initially proposed the hospital in 1997, making it a long-standing dream for the region.
  4. What role did Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis play in the project? Fadnavis advocated for government funding, expressing concerns over healthcare costs for north Nagpur residents under a PPP model.
  5. Why is Vedprakash Arya protesting the project’s relocation? Arya emphasizes the necessity of a government hospital in north Nagpur, particularly in an area with a significant underprivileged population.
  6. How long has the hospital project been in the pipeline? The inception of the hospital project dates back to 1997 when Nitin Raut first proposed the ambitious initiative.

In the intricate web of political decisions and community needs, the Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Super Specialty Hospital & Post Graduate Institute for Medical Sciences stands at a crucial crossroads. As the high-powered committee reviews the cost revisions, the future of this dream project hangs in the balance. Only time will unfold the destiny of this healthcare beacon in Nagpur’s landscape.

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