Follow IAP recommendations to promote a healthy lifestyle for children: Doctors

Nagpur: Pediatrists in India drew up and published Indian recommendations on unhealthy foods in October 2019 after more than a decade of adopting international standards and observing local food habits. Now, the national implementation of these recommendations is required. According to veteran pediatrician Dr. Piyush Gupta, president-elect of the Indian Association of Pediatrics (IAP) on Sunday, parents, schools, and government should come together for this job.

“In Indian children the consumption of junk foods, ultra-processed foods, nutritionally unhealthy foods, caffeinated/colored/carbonated products, and sugar-sweetened foods/beverages is rife. IAP has coined the new’ JUNCS’ acronym for all such foods, “said Dr. Gupta, who headed the IAP research team that issued these recommendations.

“Initially we recommended a ban on the sale of JUNCS foods in and near school canteens. We have also recommended ensuring healthy snacks and meals are available and affordable. This must be taken further by helping schools and government authorities, “he said.

Dr. Gupta delivered the late Dr. DG Gan oration sponsored by the Nagpur Chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics (AOP). He talked about the latest IAP guidelines regarding junk food, fruit juice, and energy drinks. During this process, Dr. Shubhada Khirwadkar was elected as president while Dr. Mustafa Ali was appointed as secretary of the chapter of AOP Nagpur.

“Not only parents and schools but also many pediatrists were unaware of last year’s IAP guidelines. Such guidelines are appropriate and most essential for our children’s healthy lifestyles, “Dr. Khirwadkar said.

Padmashri Dr. Rani Bang previously spoke about responsible parenting in modern times. She appealed to the parents to avoid being a part of the rat race for their children. “Rat race winners will only remain rats throughout their lives and will never become tigers or lions,” she said.

The event was attended by AOP Patron Dr. Uday Bodhankar, President (2019) Dr. Ravindra Bhelonde, Secretary Mahesh Turale, Vice-President Dr. Vinky Rughwani of the Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), and pediatricians from across Vidarbha.

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