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Leopard Scare Strikes Ordnance Factory Ambajhari: OFAj Forest Team Takes Action

Residents of Ordnance Factory Ambajhari (OFAj) find themselves on edge once again as reports surface about a leopard sighting near the residential area. A collaborative effort between Nagpur Forest Division and OFAj staff is underway to locate the elusive feline, first spotted within the factory premises over the last 15 days. The recent appearance in the residential vicinity has heightened concerns for the community, despite the Forest Department dismissing it as a mere rumor.

Forest Department vs. Local Claims: Unraveling the Mystery

The Forest Department, led by Bharat Singh Hada, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Nagpur, contends that the leopard reports are unverified, lacking any supporting CCTV footage. Hada states, “We’ve added more camera traps within the residential area, but as of now, there’s no photographic evidence of the leopard in question.”

Dispelling Rumors: Installing a Cage for Caution

Addressing the purported sightings, the Deputy Conservator of Forest emphasizes, “While the notion of 2-3 leopards within OFAj is speculative, we’ve taken proactive measures. A cage is strategically placed within the factory premises to apprehend the wild animal. This precaution becomes crucial if the leopard is accompanied by cubs, posing potential hazards.”

Night Patrolling and Identifying Entry Points

Kundan Hate, a member of the inspection committee designated by the DCF, sheds light on the strategy. “Night patrolling within the residential area has been initiated, focusing on potential entry points identified by the team. Our challenge is not just within the OFAj premises; we need to pinpoint the leopard’s external path as well.”

Community Advisory: OFAj Takes Precautionary Steps

To mitigate risks, the OFAj administration issues an advisory urging residents to steer clear of any potential encounters with the leopard. The safety measures reflect a proactive stance, aiming to safeguard both wildlife and the local community.

FAQs – Addressing Concerns

1. Is the leopard sighting confirmed within OFAj?

  • Answer: The Forest Department considers the reports as rumors and lacks concrete evidence, relying on additional camera traps for verification.

2. Why was a cage installed if the sightings are unconfirmed?

  • Answer: The proactive installation of a cage is a precautionary measure, considering potential risks if the leopard is accompanied by cubs.

3. How is the Forest Department identifying the leopard’s movements?

  • Answer: Night patrolling and strategic identification of potential entry points are key methods employed by the Forest Department.

4. What measures are in place for residents’ safety?

  • Answer: An advisory has been issued, urging residents to avoid any encounters with the leopard and prioritizing safety within the OFAj estate.

5. Are there concerns about multiple leopards within OFAj?

  • Answer: While rumors circulate about multiple leopards, the Forest Department maintains a skeptical stance, awaiting concrete evidence.

6. How is the OFAj administration collaborating with the Forest Department?

  • Answer: The OFAj administration actively cooperates by implementing safety advisories and facilitating the Forest Department’s initiatives.

The recent leopard scare in Ordnance Factory Ambajhari has prompted swift and collaborative action from the Forest Department and OFAj administration. While uncertainties linger, proactive measures such as cage installation and night patrolling underscore a commitment to both wildlife preservation and community safety. As the investigation continues, residents remain vigilant, guided by the precautionary advisories issued by the OFAj administration.

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