Modi Commends Maharashtra Forest Officials for AI-driven Wildlife Conservation Efforts

In a commendable recognition of Maharashtra’s strides in wildlife conservation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi showered praise on the Forest Ministry (Maharashtra Forest) and officials in Chandrapur for their dedicated efforts at the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR). During his 110th ‘Mann Ki Baat’ session, PM Modi applauded the relentless commitment of the officials towards preserving the rich biodiversity at TATR.

In a notable revelation, Modi acknowledged the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by the Forest Ministry and officials (Maharashtra Forest) in Chandrapur to mitigate human-animal conflicts effectively. Sudhir Mungantiwar, the Cabinet Minister for Forest, expressed gratitude for this recognition, emphasizing the crucial role played by the Forest Ministry in Chandrapur.

AI Revolutionizes Coexistence at TATR

PM Modi, addressing the nation, highlighted the successful implementation of the AI project in Chandrapur’s TATR. He emphasized the role of digital gadgets in fostering better coordination between humans and wild animals, ensuring a harmonious coexistence. The Prime Minister underscored the significance of technology in wildlife conservation, pointing out the positive impact on the conservation efforts at TATR.

March 3 marks World Wildlife Day, and PM Modi outlined the upcoming celebration’s focus on spreading awareness about wildlife conservation. He noted the priority given to innovation in this year’s theme and highlighted the extensive use of technology across various regions in the country for wildlife preservation.

Success Stories and Growing Tiger Population

Acknowledging the government’s dedicated efforts, PM Modi celebrated the increase in the tiger population across the country, specifically citing the remarkable growth at TATR in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, where the tiger count has exceeded 250. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Chandrapur district has played a pivotal role in curbing man-animal conflicts.

To address the challenges posed by the proximity of tigers to human settlements, an AI-driven alert system has been established. Mobile phones in 13 villages surrounding TATR receive timely alerts whenever a tiger ventures close, ensuring the safety of both locals and the wildlife. The success of this initiative has not only protected the community but also provided sanctuary to the tigers.

Modi’s Vision for Wildlife Conservation

Prime Minister Modi extended appreciation to young entrepreneurs contributing innovative ideas to wildlife conservation and eco-tourism. He emphasized the positive impact such initiatives have on safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable tourism. Meanwhile, Forest Minister Mungantiwar expressed gratitude on social platform X, acknowledging the boost provided by PM Modi’s recognition to the Forest Department in Chandrapur.

In conclusion, PM Modi’s acknowledgment serves as a catalyst, inspiring further dedication to wildlife conservation. The Forest Ministry’s integration of AI not only safeguards the region’s diverse flora and fauna but also sets a precedent for leveraging technology in harmony with nature.

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