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Celebrate Birthdays and Functions in Nagpur Metro for Just Rs 3500

Nagpur Metro: Are you ready to take your celebrations to new heights? Look no further than Maha Metro’s innovative ‘Celebration on Wheels’ initiative!

All Aboard the Celebration Train

Maha Metro’s ‘Celebration on Wheels’ initiative has been met with an overwhelming response from the citizens of Nagpur. Now, there’s even more reason to celebrate as Maha Metro introduces a fantastic offer: on Sundays, citizens can now book the entire metro train for one hour at an unbeatable price of just Rs. 3500.

Riding the Wave of Excitement (Nagpur Metro)

In recent days, citizens have been seizing the opportunity to book entire metro trains for various events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and more. The Celebration on Wheels initiative has become the go-to choice for hosting memorable events, attracting not only locals but also school students from outer districts like Gadchiroli, Chandrapur, and Amravati.

Making Memories on the Move

Planning your event is a breeze with the Celebration on Wheels train. Whether it’s a birthday bash or a school trip, you can reserve the train for one or two hours, providing ample time to create unforgettable moments. For detailed information and bookings, reach out to Mr. Ravi Verma at 7827541313 (Nagpur Metro).

What to Expect

The Celebration on Wheels train can accommodate up to 200 passengers and operates on both the Orange and Aqua lines of the Nagpur Metro. To ensure everything runs smoothly, organizers are granted access to decorate the train an hour before the event.

Safety First

While festivities are encouraged, safety remains a top priority. Therefore, the use of candles or any open flames is strictly prohibited during the event. Organizers are welcome to provide food packets and water bottles for breakfast, ensuring guests are well taken care of throughout the journey. Additionally, a dedicated Metro official, security guard, and cleaning staff are on hand to maintain order and cleanliness.

With Maha Metro’s  (Nagpur Metro)’ Celebration on Wheels’ initiative, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or embarking on an educational journey, there’s no better way to celebrate than aboard the metro train. Book your event today and let the festivities begin!


1. Can I book the Celebration on Wheels train for events other than birthdays? Absolutely! The Celebration on Wheels train is perfect for a variety of events, including wedding anniversaries, school trips, and corporate gatherings.

2. How far in advance do I need to book the train for my event? To ensure availability, it’s recommended to book the Celebration on Wheels train at least a month or a week before your desired date.

3. Are there any restrictions on decorations for the event? While organizers are welcome to decorate the train to suit their event, please refrain from using candles or any open flames for safety reasons.

4. Can I bring my own catering for the event? Yes, organizers are allowed to provide food packets and water bottles for breakfast during the event.

5. What measures are in place to ensure safety during the journey? To maintain a smooth and secure journey, each Celebration on Wheels event is accompanied by a Metro official, security guard, and cleaning staff.

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