Nagpur Takes Center Stage with Record 22 Plays at 62nd Maharashtra State Hindi Theatre Festival

Nagpur Theatre Festival: Nagpur, a city pulsating with cultural vibrancy, is poised to steal the limelight as it gears up to host an extraordinary 22 plays during the state-level round of the 62nd Maharashtra State Hindi Theatre Festival 2023-24. This theatrical extravaganza, running from Monday to March 19, promises a unique showcase of the dominance of Hindi theatre in the region, outshining even the theatrical powerhouses of Pune and Mumbai. The iconic Vasantrao Deshpande Hall is all set to be the primary stage for this spectacular event, organized by the Maharashtra state directorate of Cultural Affairs. A celebration of Maharashtra’s rich cultural tapestry, this festival serves as a crucial platform for amateur theatre groups to unveil their talents.

A Festival of Diversity and Talent

The festival unfolds as a melting pot of cultural expressions, featuring performances from cities like Amravati, Chandrapur, Washim, Akola, and Nanded. The opening day alone boasts the intriguing “Purush” by Abhivyakti Group from Amravati and “Dastan” by Nagpur’s very own Ambhruni Seva Sanstha. Renowned theatre groups from Vidarbha, including Kalasagar, Ashwaghosh Kala Akademi, and Rashtrabhasha Pariwar, will share the stage with participants from other cities, promising an eclectic mix of performances. The festival’s format accommodates a broad spectrum of theatrical expressions, spanning from the traditional to the contemporary, showcasing the dynamic essence of Hindi theatre in Maharashtra.

An Opportunity for Cultural Engagement

Expressing his enthusiasm, Vibhishan Chawre, the director of Cultural Affairs, highlights Nagpur’s role in hosting the highest number of plays this year. He underlines the festival’s unique opportunity for theatre enthusiasts to witness a diverse array of productions from across the region. Chawre extends a warm invitation to the public, urging them to attend and experience the enchantment of Hindi theatre. The festival’s commitment to accessibility is evident through its free entry, aiming to attract a diverse crowd and further enrich cultural engagement within the community.

The Impact on Regional Theatre

Beyond being a showcase for talent, the Maharashtra State Hindi Theatre Festival plays a pivotal role in nurturing the growth of regional theatre. By bringing together amateur groups from across the state, the festival fosters a sense of community among theatre practitioners, encouraging collaboration and the exchange of ideas. The exposure gained from participating in this prestigious event can significantly impact the careers of aspiring actors and directors, ultimately elevating the overall quality of theatre in the region. As the festival draws to a close, the anticipation for the final results adds an extra layer of excitement, highlighting the competitive spirit driving the artistic excellence of Hindi theatre in Maharashtra.


Nagpur’s hosting of a record-breaking 22 plays at the 62nd Maharashtra State Hindi Theatre Festival is a testament to the city’s cultural prowess. This event not only showcases the richness of Hindi theatre but also provides a vital platform for the growth of regional talents. As the curtains fall, the impact of this festival resonates, promising a lasting influence on the theatrical landscape of Maharashtra.


  1. How can I attend the Maharashtra State Hindi Theatre Festival?
    • The festival offers free entry, welcoming everyone to experience the magic of Hindi theatre.
  2. What makes this festival unique?
  3. Are there specific genres featured in the festival?
    • Yes, the festival’s format embraces a wide range of theatrical expressions, from traditional to contemporary.
  4. How does the festival contribute to regional theatre growth?
    • By bringing together amateur groups from across the state, it fosters collaboration, community, and the exchange of ideas among theatre practitioners.
  5. When does the festival conclude, and how are winners determined?
    • The festival concludes on March 19, with results adding excitement, and showcasing the competitive spirit driving Hindi theatre excellence.

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