NMC property Tax: Mulls Over 4% General Tax Hike in Upcoming Finical Year


Nagpur (NMC property tax): The Nagpur Municipal Corporation property tax department is considering a substantial 4% revision in the general tax across all five slabs, alongside proposing an increase in five other taxes from the current 1% to 2%. This bold move, if approved by municipal commissioner and administrator Abhijeet Chaudhari, is anticipated to be implemented in the next financial year, signaling a potential shift in the city’s financial landscape. Let’s delve into the details of this proposal and its potential impact on Nagpur’s revenue structure.

Nagpur’s property tax department, the primary revenue source for the civic body, has put forward these revisions in an effort to bolster financial inflows. Despite the proposal, the feasibility of its implementation remains uncertain due to imminent major polls – Lok Sabha, state assembly, and municipal corporation elections – scheduled in the coming months.

The Proposal Details

1. Historical Perspective

NMC, having last revised property tax in 2015, is now contemplating a significant overhaul. The property tax rates imposed by NMC, though lower than several other municipal corporations like Pimpri Chinchwad, Nashik, and Amravati, are crucial for the city’s economic sustenance.

Operating under the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, NMC has the authority to revise property tax annually, as outlined in the act’s provisions. This legal backing lends credibility to the department’s proposal before administrator Chaudhari.

3. Financial Targets and Realities

Out of the ₹3,336 crore budget for 2023-24, the property tax department aimed for ₹300 crore. However, with a month left in the fiscal year, the department faces challenges in meeting this target, emphasizing the critical role property tax plays in NMC’s revenue.

4. Dependency on Government Funds

The absence of revisions in civic taxes has led to increased dependency on government funds for NMC. This underlines the urgency for implementing the proposed tax revisions to maintain the city’s financial autonomy.

5. Water Tariff Hikes and Tax Collection Challenges

While Orange City Water Limited manages the city’s water supply, water tariff hikes have become an annual occurrence, contrasting with the poor collection of property taxes, resulting in outstanding tax reaching ₹900 crore.


  1. What is the primary revenue source for Nagpur Municipal Corporation?
    • Property tax serves as the main revenue stream for NMC, contributing 7% to 8% of its total revenue.
  2. When was the last revision of property tax rates in Nagpur?
    • NMC last revised property tax rates in April 2015.
  3. How does NMC calculate property tax?
    • Property tax is calculated based on the annual letting value, considering the area and weight.
  4. Why is there skepticism about implementing the proposed tax hike?
    • The imminent Lok Sabha, state assembly, and municipal corporation elections pose challenges to the proposal’s implementation.
  5. What legal framework empowers NMC to revise property tax annually?
    • NMC operates under the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, which allows annual property tax revisions.
  6. What percentage of NMC’s revenue comes from property tax?
    • Property tax contributes only 7% to 8% of NMC’s revenue, highlighting the need for revisions to reduce dependency on government funds.

In conclusion, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s contemplation of a 4% general tax hike and revisions in other taxes signifies a crucial juncture in the city’s financial strategy. The upcoming decision by municipal commissioner and administrator Abhijeet Chaudhari holds the key to reshaping Nagpur’s revenue landscape. As the city grapples with political events and financial challenges, the proposed tax changes could be a pivotal step toward ensuring fiscal stability and autonomy for the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

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