Shiv Sena’s Potential Move: Swapping Ramtek MP Tumane for Former Congress MLA Parwe

In the intricate dance of politics, Maharashtra’s Vidarbha region finds itself at the center of a potential shuffle as the Eknath Shinde-led Shiv Sena considers replacing its sitting MP from Ramtek, Krupal Tumane, with former Congress MLA Raju Parwe, who recently joined the party.

The Impending Shift

The decision to potentially drop Tumane comes amidst opposition from ally BJP to his renomination, compounded by internal surveys highlighting his limited rapport with voters and fellow allies. With the nomination deadline looming on March 27 and polling scheduled for April 19, time presses for the Shiv Sena to unveil its candidate.

Parwe’s Emergence

Raju Parwe entrance into the Sena fold, marked by his departure from the Congress, positions him as a likely contender for the Ramtek seat. The party sees in him the potential to appeal to traditional Congress voters, a crucial strategy in securing electoral success.

Political Landscape of Ramtek

Ramtek’s political terrain comprises six Assembly segments, each with its own affiliations. The Sena expresses confidence in garnering support from BJP and independent legislator Ashish Jaiswal to bolster Raju Parwe candidacy.

Challenges and Considerations

Internal assessments paint a grim picture for Tumane’s chances of re-election, further exacerbated by BJP’s reservations. The Shinde faction argues that nominating Raju Parwe aligns with broader coalition goals, tapping into support from Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and rural constituencies.

Electoral History and Prospects

Tumane’s electoral victories in 2014 and 2019 underscore his past successes, but shifting political dynamics necessitate strategic recalibration. Raju Parwe potential candidacy signals the Sena’s adaptation to changing circumstances and its quest for a winning formula.

The potential substitution of Krupal Tumane with Raju Parwe reflects Shiv Sena’s pragmatic approach to electoral politics, prioritizing alliance dynamics and candidate viability in pursuit of victory.


1. Why is Shiv Sena considering replacing Krupal Tumane?

  • Opposition from BJP and internal surveys highlighting Tumane’s challenges have prompted this consideration.

2. What advantages does Raju Parwe offer to Shiv Sena?

3. How does Ramtek’s political landscape influence this decision?

4. What role do Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes play in this scenario?

  • The focus on securing support from these demographics reflects the parties’ awareness of key electoral constituencies.

5. How might this decision impact the upcoming elections in Maharashtra?

  • The decision signals Shiv Sena’s adaptability and strategic maneuvering in navigating coalition dynamics and electoral challenges.

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