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52 newborn baby saved from permanent blindness at GMCH

GMCH’s medical specialty department has initiated a drive for checking such babies. A total of 256 babies were screened throughout the last eight months out of that, fifty-two babies were diagnosed with this deadly malady. Treatment was promptly started and these fifty-two babies are out of danger currently. Premature delivery is that the fourth reason for sightlessness among baby. considerably, babies born before thirty-four weeks or those with a weight of less than one.5 kilo are in danger of developing Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), that causes sightlessness. Any delivery before finishing thirty-seven weeks is termed as premature delivery and also the fetus is underdeveloped. Premature deliveries have enhanced in India and conjointly the amount of ROP cases. The blood delivery to the membrane in such infants will increase and may cause low vision or permanent cecity. Hence each newborn baby ought to be checked by an associate medical specialist. Head of a medical specialty department in GMCH Dr Ashok Madan has taken cognizance of this issue and planted a team, that checks the babies admitted within the baby medical aid Unit and medical specialty medical aid Unit. During the last eight months, 256 babies were screened and fifty-two were discovered to be laid low with ROP. the intense patients were treated by optical maser et al by injections. Prompt medical treatment has removed the danger of the babies developing a low vision or permanent cecity. Ophthalmology chief Dr Ashok Madan aforementioned that, “blood vessels within the eyes begin growing around the fourth month of maternity and still grow throughout the forty weeks of maternity. once a baby is born untimely, the blood vessels are affected as a result of the conditions within the female internal reproductive organ don’t seem to be obtainable outside. therefore the blood vessels grow improperly and also the risk of ROP will increase. we’ve taken a drive to examine premature babies born in GMCH or brought from outside”.

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