Academicians worry that pay cuts can even postpone salaries

Nagpur: While academics support the government’s decision to cut employees ‘salaries in March, they are worried that revised tabulation paperwork would lead to a pause in pay disbursement. School and junior college administrators and teachers agree that their March salaries will only be compensated by the end of April, as the revised paperwork to implement the cut can only be completed after the lockout has been lifted.

We say the safest choice is to subtract 25% of their last net income to stop paperwork. Ashok Gavhankar, General Secretary of the Vidarbha Junior College Teachers Association (VJUCTA), said, “The way our payment process works is to prepare a wage/pay bill at the institution level. If the principal has been authorised, it is sent to the pay unit after which it is cleared by the treasury and the payment is credited to our accounts. “Ashnarayan Tiwari, Executive Body Member of the School Headmasters Charitable Association (SHCA), said the timeframe for the process to be completed is long. “By March 5 or 6 alone, both of us had sent our bill of pay to the pay centre. This refers to the March-paid-in-April wage. In the case of a bill submitted on 6 March, the payment would have been credited to our accounts by 5 April. This did not happen because of a government resolution on deductions, “Tiwari said.

Gavhankar said that all the bills submitted in the first week of March are likely to be rejected. “We might have to send fresh payments, which is something we all want to avoid. Our stand is clear, that you accept our bills, but release only 75% of your last salary. Or give 30% of our net salary as ‘advance.’ Starting fresh paperwork now means a rough time for us, “he said.

They claim, because of the lockout, the clerical workers will not be available. Tiwari said, “The schools are closed and the staff are at home. At least until April 14, everything is locked, so it’s not possible to call them now and restart the paperwork. And if we do it on April 15, there’s going to be a big rush at the pay centre, with all the schools trying to apply their paperwork first. It will negate the purpose of social distancing. “The Deputy Director of Education (DDE) Office is scheduled to give guidance to all education officers on this Monday.

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