Ajni Revamp Faces Roadblock as Squatters Stall, NMC Remains Inactive

In the bustling city of Nagpur, the ambitious redevelopment project of Ajni railway station (Nagpur) encounters a significant hurdle on its west side, where a row of shops impedes progress. This roadblock has emerged as a challenge for the Railway Land Development Authority (RLDA), throwing a wrench into their plans for station enhancement.

Ajni Station’s Struggle for Transformation

Shops Stall Redevelopment

At the forefront of Ajni station’s west side stand six shops, creating a hindrance to the redevelopment initiative spearheaded by RLDA. The obstruction, located on plot number 65/A and owned by the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC), has become a focal point of contention.

NMC’s Leased Land Predicament

The NMC had leased this land, measuring 3,430 sqft, to Amarchand Jaichandji Jain on October 30, 1987, for a duration of 30 years. However, the lease expired on October 27, 2017, and a subsequent request by the Central Railway divisional railway (Nagpur) manager (DRM) on April 7, 2022, sought the plot for the Ajni station’s circulating area.

Despite the expiration of the lease, the land remains occupied, and no eviction notice has been served to the leaseholder, who, in turn, has sublet the shops. Pankaj Parashar, executive engineer of NMC’s estate department, informed TOI that despite demands from the Jains for a lease extension, NMC has not acceded. Plans are underway to propose the diversion of the land to Central Railway, accompanied by an impending notice to the Jains for lease agreement violations.

Ajni Station’s Unfolding Drama

Tussle Over Territory

As the redevelopment project seeks momentum, a tug-of-war ensues over the contested land. The clash between the RLDA’s vision and the current occupants’ resistance adds layers of complexity to the situation.

NMC’s Standoff

NMC remains firm on its decision not to renew the lease, citing the imperative need for the land in the station’s expansion plans. This firm stance, however, triggers a series of events leading to potential legal ramifications.

Ajni Station’s Future Hangs in the Balance

Delayed Progress

The standoff between the authorities and the occupants has resulted in a stagnation of the Ajni station’s revamp. The ripple effects of this delay extend beyond the immediate area, impacting commuters and stakeholders eagerly awaiting a transformed railway hub.

Commuters Left in Limbo

With the redevelopment timeline in jeopardy, commuters are left in uncertainty. The promised enhancements, meant to streamline their travel experience, now dangle in the balance.

Ajni Station: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What led to the expiration of the lease on plot 65/A?

A1: The lease on plot 65/A expired on October 27, 2017, with the NMC refusing to extend it, paving the way for the Central Railway’s requisition.

Q2: Why has the NMC not renewed the lease despite demands?

A2: Despite persistent demands from the Jains for lease extension, the NMC stands resolute in not renewing the lease, prioritizing the land’s allocation for Ajni station’s expansion.

Q3: Is there a timeline for the proposed diversion of the land to Central Railway?

A3: Plans are underway to propose the land diversion, with a notice to the Jains for violating the lease agreement. The timeline, however, remains unspecified.

Q4: How has the delay impacted commuters?

A4: The standoff has led to a delay in Ajni station’s revamp, leaving commuters in limbo and anticipating the promised improvements.

A5: The expiration of the lease may lead to legal actions, with NMC exploring avenues to regain possession and proceed with the redevelopment.

Q6: Are there alternatives being considered to resolve the deadlock?

A6: The authorities are actively exploring alternatives to break the deadlock, ensuring a swift resolution that aligns with the station’s redevelopment goals.


As the Ajni station revamp faces a roadblock, the unresolved lease expiration and the standoff with current occupants cast a shadow over its future. NMC’s decisive actions and the RLDA’s persistence will play crucial roles in determining the station’s fate. Commuters, eagerly anticipating a rejuvenated travel experience, are left with uncertainties, highlighting the need for swift resolutions in the interest of all stakeholders involved.

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