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Bridge Construction: Traffic Route Changes Near Ambazari Road

Bridge Construction Traffic Route Changes: Construction on one side of the high bridge near Ambazari Lake is nearly complete, signaling a significant shift in local traffic patterns. As the demolition of the old bridge on the opposite side begins on June 10, new traffic routes have been implemented to ensure smooth transit. Deputy Commissioner of Police (City Traffic) Shashikant Satav has issued a traffic notification detailing these changes. This article will guide you through the revised routes and help you navigate the area with ease.

Understanding the Bridge Construction Near Ambazari Lake

 Overview of the Construction Project

The ongoing bridge construction near Ambazari Lake is a significant infrastructure project aimed at improving traffic flow and safety. The construction on one side of the high bridge is almost complete, and the next phase involves the demolition of the old bridge to make way for a new, modern structure.

 Importance of the Project

This project is crucial for the city as it addresses the increasing traffic congestion in the area. The new bridge will be wider, allowing for smoother traffic flow and reducing bottlenecks that have long plagued commuters.

 Timeline and Phases

  • Phase 1: Completion of one side of the new bridge.
  • Phase 2: Demolition of the old bridge starting June 10.
  • Phase 3: Construction of the remaining side of the new bridge.

 Traffic Route Changes

Route Closures

To accommodate the construction work, several route changes have been implemented:

  • Hingna to Sitabuldi: The route towards Ambazari T-point will be completely closed.
  • Sitabuldi to Hingna: The road towards Ambazari T-point will also be completely closed for traffic.

 Alternative Routes

For Hingna to Sitabuldi

Drivers will need to use the following alternate routes:

  • From Hingna T-point via Wadi Point and University Campus Square.

For Sitabuldi to Hingna

Travelers should proceed:

  • From Subhashnagar T-point to Mate Square, Laxminagar Square, and Bajajnagar Square.

 Detailed Route Guidance

H3: Routes Remaining Open

  • Gajanan Mandir T-point to Mate Square
  • Shradhanandpeth Square to Abhyankar Square
  • LA Square

These routes will remain accessible, ensuring that local traffic can still navigate around the construction zone.

 Navigating Specific Areas

Gajanan Mandir T-point to Mate Square

This route remains open and is an essential alternative for avoiding construction delays. Commuters are advised to use this path to reach their destinations efficiently.

Shradhanandpeth Square to Abhyankar Square

Another vital route that remains unaffected, helping distribute the traffic load and prevent congestion in other areas.

LA Square

LA Square serves as a crucial junction that will help in managing the diverted traffic flow. It’s important for drivers to follow the signs and guidance provided to ensure smooth travel.

 Impact on Daily Commutes

 Increased Travel Time

The construction and subsequent route changes are likely to increase travel time for many commuters. It’s advisable to plan for extra time in your schedule to accommodate these changes.

 Public Transport Adjustments

Public transport routes are also being adjusted to align with the new traffic patterns. Check with local transit authorities for the latest updates on bus and taxi routes.

 Safety Measures and Guidelines

 Adherence to Traffic Rules

To ensure safety, it’s crucial that all drivers adhere to the updated traffic rules and follow the instructions provided by traffic police.

 Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrians should also be cautious and use designated crossing points to avoid accidents in the construction zones.

 Future Benefits of the New Bridge

 Enhanced Traffic Flow

Once completed, the new bridge will significantly enhance traffic flow in the area, reducing congestion and travel time.

 Improved Safety

The new bridge will feature modern safety measures, including better lighting and wider lanes, making it safer for all users.

 Community Feedback

H3: Public Opinions

Local residents and commuters have shared mixed reactions to the construction project. While many appreciate the long-term benefits, some are concerned about the short-term inconveniences.

H4: Addressing Concerns

City officials are working to address these concerns by providing clear communication and updates on the project’s progress.

H2: Staying Updated

 Official Announcements (Bridge Construction Traffic Route Changes)

Keep an eye on official announcements from the city’s traffic department for the latest updates and route changes.

 Real-Time Traffic Apps

Utilize real-time traffic apps to monitor road conditions and find the best routes during the construction period.

The bridge construction near Ambazari Lake is a significant project that will greatly benefit the city once completed. However, the ongoing construction and route changes require careful navigation and adherence to new traffic rules. By staying informed and planning your routes, you can minimize the impact on your daily commute and look forward to the improved infrastructure.

Q1: When will the new bridge construction be completed? A1: The completion date has not been officially announced yet, but updates will be provided as the project progresses.

Q2: Will public transport routes be affected by the construction? A2: Yes, public transport routes will be adjusted. Check with local transit authorities for the latest updates.

Q3: How can I stay updated on traffic changes during the construction? A3: Follow official announcements from the city’s traffic department and use real-time traffic apps.

Q4: What safety measures are in place during the construction? A4: Increased traffic police presence, clear signage, and designated pedestrian crossing points are some of the safety measures implemented.

Q5: Will there be any pedestrian access during the construction? A5: Yes, pedestrian access will be maintained with designated crossing points for safety.

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