Cadets of Bhonsala shine in Mahotsav Khasdar

Cadets of Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur shined in the Khasdar Mahotsav which was recently conducted. School cadets bagged 18 gold, 20 silver and 23 bronze medals with their excellent performance in various events held between January 12 and January 24, 2020.

The eventual winners of the medals are:-

Gymnastics (done at DNC College, Nagpur on 18 & 19 January 2020).
Acrobatics men’s pair–Cdt Roshan Koram (Gold), Cdt Vedant Sadmet (Gold) Acrobatics men’s party–Cdt Tarun Uikey Gold), Cdt Kundan Mundare (Gold), Cdt Tanmay Tekam (Gold), Cdt Prajwal Darro (Gold)

Taekwondo (run at Vivekanand Sports Complex, Nagpur on 16 & 17 January 2020).
Cdt Manish Kokate (Silver), Cdt Prajwal Sayam (Silver)

Athletics (Held at RTMNU ground Ravinagar on 13 & 14 January 2020).

Under 12 Boys Medley Relay:– Cdt Ayan Sheik (Silver), Cdt Atu Kabak (Silver), Cdt Jarjam Bagang (Silver), Cdt Chandan Rathod (Silver) Under 14 Boys Medley Relay – Cdt Ravikant Gawde (Bronze), Cdt Badal Saryam (Bronze), Cdt Vivek Katlam (Bronze), Cdt Aditya Dhurve (Bronze) Under 16 Boys 100 mtr sprint-Cdt Lokesh Parteti (Bronze).Javelin Throw-Cdt Mahi Batra(Bronze) Hammer Throw – Cdt Mahi Batra (Silver) 100 mtr Hurdle – Cdt Pratik Chambhare (Bronze) 400 mtr Hurdle – Cdt Pratik Chambhare (Silver) Long Jump – Cdt Pratik Chanbhare (Bronze) High Jump – Cdt Mayur Halami (Bronze) Medley Relay – Cdt Mayur Halami (Silver)), Cdt Tejas Puramkar (Silver), Cdt Nagesh Hichami (Silver)

Under 18 Boys 110 mtr HUrdle:– Cdt Croshik Shindpure (Gold) Long Jump – Cdt Croshik Shindpure (Silver) 3000 mtr Run – Cdt Sahil Chinchkhede (Silver) 400 mtr Run – Cdt Ayush Jais(Silver) 100 mtr Run-Cdt Cdt Shailesh Neware (Bronze) 800 mtr Run – Cdt Bhupesh Chore (Bronze) Shot Put – Cdt Ahart Nagrale (Bronze) Medley Relay – Cdt Ayush Jais (Bronze), Cdt Shailesh Neware (Bronze)

Fencing (Done January 21, 22 & 23, 2020).

Foil Event – Cdt Arnap Meshram (Bronze), Cdt Prathamesh Shrof (Bronze), Cdt Yash Varma (Bronze) Epee Event – Cdt Dhir Verma (Bronze)

Under 14 Cdt Aniket Sidam (Gold), Cdt Chetan Ade (Gold), Cdt Likesh Yadav (Gold), Cdt Shubham Gaikwad (Silver), Cdt Vedant Shahu (Silver), Cdt Adarsh Keche (Silver), Cdt Satish Narnaware (Bronze) and Cdt Rushabh Ban (Bronze)

Under 17 Cdt Sumit Bise (Gold), Cdt Prashant Shrirame (Gold), Cdt Hitesh Dalal (Gold), Cdt Siddharth Bele (Gold), Cdt Sarang Gharat (Gold), Cdt Prasad Khandekar (Gold), Cdt Tuleshwar Gupta (Gold), Cdt Vice-Captain Sushant Raut (Gold), Cdt Bhuvan Wayam (Silver), Cdt Shubh Jagdale (Silver), Cdt Prelyam Thakur (Bronze)

Under 19 Class Captain Yash Ambulkar (Bronze)

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