Central Railway Nagpur Takes Bold Measures for Passenger Safety

In a resolute move to enhance passenger safety and comfort, Central Railway Nagpur Division has escalated its efforts to clamp down on violations of railway regulations. The crackdown, particularly on smoking within railway premises, has gained momentum, with a total of 882 cases identified in January alone. This article delves into the stringent measures taken, emphasizing the commitment of CR Nagpur Division to uphold safety standards and provide a conducive environment for passengers.

Upholding Safety Standards: A Priority for CR Nagpur

Gazetted Violations Detected: Rs. 14,800 in Fines Collected

Central Railway Nagpur Division has actively identified and addressed violations in accordance with Gazette No. GSR 846 (E). During the past month, a remarkable 882 cases were detected, leading to the collection of fines totaling Rs. 14,800. This reflects CR Nagpur’s dedication to maintaining a secure railway environment.

Smoking Prohibition: A Strict Stand

20 Passengers Caught Smoking: Rs. 4000 in Prompt Fines

Among the violations, 20 individuals were caught smoking within the Railway Premises, a clear breach of regulations. CR Nagpur swiftly imposed fines, resulting in the collection of Rs. 4000. This stringent action sends a clear message about the zero-tolerance policy towards smoking, ensuring passenger safety remains a top priority.

CR Nagpur’s Commitment to Passenger Well-being

Creating a Conducive Environment

The Central Railway Nagpur Division is unwavering in its commitment to the well-being and satisfaction of its passengers. By cracking down on violations, especially those related to smoking, CR Nagpur aims to create an environment where passengers feel secure and comfortable during their journey.

FAQs: Clarifying the Crackdown on Smokers

  1. What regulations govern railway violations in CR Nagpur?
    • Central Railway Nagpur Division adheres to Gazette No. GSR 846 (E) to address and penalize railway violations.
  2. How many cases were detected in January?
    • A total of 882 cases of violations were identified during the month.
  3. What is the fine for smoking within Railway Premises?
    • Individuals caught smoking faced fines, with the collection amounting to Rs. 4000.
  4. Why is CR Nagpur taking such strict measures?
    • The stringent actions aim to maintain safety standards and create a conducive environment for passengers.
  5. What is CR Nagpur’s ultimate goal in these efforts?
    • CR Nagpur Division is dedicated to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of its passengers.
  6. How is CR Nagpur addressing passenger well-being?
    • By actively enforcing regulations, CR Nagpur aims to create a secure and comfortable environment for passengers.

Central Railway Nagpur: A Name Synonymous with Safety

In conclusion, the crackdown on smokers by CR Nagpur signifies a proactive approach to passenger safety and satisfaction. Through strict enforcement of regulations and prompt fines, the railway division underscores its commitment to maintaining a secure and comfortable environment. Central Railway Nagpur remains steadfast in its mission to provide a safe and enjoyable journey for every passenger.

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