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CP Ravinder Singal Nagpur Strikes Hard Against Crime in Late-Night Op

Introduction: Taking the Lead

In a bold move, CP Ravinder Singal, on his debut field operation, orchestrated a late-night crackdown against crime in Nagpur. This three-hour mission, executed on a Sunday night, witnessed the active involvement of approximately 150 officers. Singal, alongside DCP Crime Nimit Goyal and Zonal DCP Niketan Kadam, took charge and stormed into the crime-infested pockets of the city.

CP Ravinder Singal Nagpur: Leading the Charge

The experienced CP Ravinder Singal Nagpur, flanked by his trusted allies, fearlessly led the charge into the dens of more than two dozen hardened criminals. Mini Nata Nagar, Dipty Signal, and Prakash Nagar, all within the jurisdiction of Kalamna police station, became the focal points of the operation. The crackdown involved checking the houses of externed goons, registering cases under the Arms Act, and apprehending bootleggers.

Instilling Fear in the Shadows: A Late-Night Message

CP Singal emphasized that the incursion into criminals’ dens was a resolute message to curb antisocial activities at their roots. Walking through the slums, he spearheaded searches and checks at various locations, making it clear that the law was ready to confront criminal elements.

The Tactical Sweep Begins

The combing operations commenced from the Vandevi Nagar slum, under Yashodhara Nagar police limits, addressing recent reports of three murders. CP Singal, accompanied by his team, then proceeded to Vinoba Bhave Nagar, checking around 10 criminals in two Yashodhara Nagar slums. DCP Crime Goyal reported the detainment of seven bikes with missing registration plates. In slums under Kalamna police station, 38 suspicious bikes underwent inspection, resulting in the detention of one. Two bootleggers were also booked during the operation.

Zonal DCP Kadam disclosed that two cases under the Arms Act were registered at Yashodhara Nagar and Kalamna police stations. These legal actions were initiated after weapons were discovered in the houses of the accused during the extensive searches conducted by the police force.

Future Endeavors: CP Singal’s Commitment

CP Singal affirmed that similar combing operations would be executed in different areas of the city in the upcoming days. This proactive approach ensures a continuous effort to eradicate criminal activities and maintain law and order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What prompted CP Ravinder Singal Nagpur to lead the late-night operation?

CP Singal initiated the operation to send a robust message against antisocial activities and ensure the immediate crackdown on criminal elements within the city.

2. How many criminals were checked during the operation?

Approximately two dozen hardened criminals were inspected during the combing operations, with a focus on slums such as Mini Nata Nagar, Dipty Signal, and Prakash Nagar.

3. Were there any specific areas targeted during the late-night op?

Yes, the operation began in Vandevi Nagar slum under Yashodhara Nagar police limits, addressing recent incidents of three murders, and then expanded to Vinoba Bhave Nagar and Kalamna police station areas.

Two cases under the Arms Act were registered at Yashodhara Nagar and Kalamna police stations after weapons were discovered in the houses of the accused.

5. What is CP Singal’s plan for the future?

CP Singal expressed his commitment to conducting similar combing operations in different locations across the city to maintain a proactive stance against criminal activities.

6. How many bikes were detained during the late-night operation?

A total of seven bikes were detained for further inspection, with missing registration plates raising suspicions during the operation.

A Resolute Stand Against Crime

In a powerful display of authority, CP Ravinder Singal Nagpur, accompanied by his dedicated team, has taken significant steps to instill fear in the hearts of criminals. The late-night operation serves as a testament to the commitment of the Nagpur Police in ensuring the safety and security of the city. As CP Singal continues to lead from the front, the fight against crime takes on a new dimension, promising a safer and more secure future for Nagpur residents.

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