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FDA’s Crackdown Exposes Massive Fake Medicine Scheme in Nagpur Hospital

In a startling revelation, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has unveiled a clandestine operation involving counterfeit medicine, (Fake Medicine Scheme in Nagpur) resulting in the seizure of 21,600 tablets falsely labeled as the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. The illicit activity was brought to light following a rigorous investigation by the FDA, leading to a raid on a government hospital in Nagpur, where the fraudulent tablets were confiscated.

According to an official statement, three individuals, one of whom is already incarcerated in Thane for a similar offense, now face legal consequences in connection with the seized tablets. The FDA, spearheading the crackdown, emphasized that the bogus medicine had been procured through a government contract last year. The seized tablets, masquerading as ciprofloxacin, were traced back to the Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital, a major supplier of medicines to state-run facilities in the district.

Expansive Reach of the Fake Tablets

The imposter ciprofloxacin tablets, purportedly prescribed for treating various bacterial infections and valued at crores of rupees, had infiltrated numerous government hospitals across Maharashtra, according to the FDA official. This revelation raises concerns about the extensive reach and potential health risks associated with the distribution of counterfeit medications within the healthcare system.

Timeline of Deception

The FDA’s intervention stems from a series of events dating back to March 2023 when samples of the alleged ‘ciprofloxacin’ tablets were collected from a state-run healthcare facility in Kalmeshwar tehsil, located approximately 40 km from Nagpur. These samples were dispatched to a government laboratory in Mumbai for thorough testing. The shocking results, received in December 2023, unveiled a disturbing truth – the tablets lacked any medicinal value as they contained no trace of ciprofloxacin.

Unmasking the Phantom Manufacturer

Further investigations led the authorities to a nonexistent entity named ‘Refined Pharma’ in Gujarat, purportedly the manufacturer of the counterfeit drug. The FDA official bluntly stated, “The company does not exist.” This revelation underscores the need for heightened scrutiny and stringent measures to prevent the proliferation of phantom pharmaceutical entities that endanger public health.

In the aftermath of these findings, the Kalmeshwar police have initiated legal proceedings, booking Vijay Shailendra Choudhary of Thane, Hemant Dhondiba Mule from Latur, and Mihir Trivedi of Bhiwandi near Thane in connection with this elaborate deception. As the investigation unfolds, the FDA continues to collaborate with law enforcement to ensure the eradication of such fraudulent activities and safeguard the integrity of the healthcare system.

This shocking revelation serves as a stark reminder of the constant vigilance required to protect public health, urging authorities to implement robust measures to identify and eliminate counterfeit drugs within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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