First Lunar Eclipse from 2020 to 10 January: Everything you need to know

The first occurs on January 10 of the four penumbral lunar eclipses to occur in 2020. The lunar eclipse is expected to last about 4 hours from India.

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Lunar eclipse, also known as the Wolf Moon eclipse, is a celestial event that occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, leading to blocking of some or all of the light of the Sun going to the Moon.

The lunar eclipse is expected to occur from around 10.30 p.m. to 2.30 am Indian Standard Time (IST), according to sources. During the eclipse, the Moon would partially cover 90% of the surface of the moon, with only the outer part of the shadow visible.

The US won’t be able to observe the January 10 eclipse as it happens during its hours of daylight. It is going to be seen by countries across Asia, Europe and Africa. Australia will be a witness to it in addition to the aforementioned continents.

These divine occurrences have always caused people’s wonder or terror. Unlike the solar eclipse, a naked eye can look at the lunar eclipse. Although it’s just a heavenly event, many beliefs have been attached to it by Indians. Others think it’s good for their company, career or wellbeing, while others think it’s bad for them.

This year’s other lunar eclipse will take place on 5 June, 5 July and 30 November.

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