Four day tests a red ball cricket boon or curse?

Virat Kohli, Tim Paine, Joe Root, and Faf du Plessis all had their say on Test cricket being reduced to four days.

Transition is the only constant, but some things are best left untouched. As the four-day test talk dominates the cricket world, this is something that the International Cricket Council should stop when it comes to reducing the day from the longest, purest, most tested, grinding— the list of adjectives only goes on when you describe Test Cricket. Red-ball cricket has had a fair share of evolution… don’t make a mistake. From three, four, five, six, and a timeless game (the pre-Second World War “Timeless Tests”), it traveled a bit, and five days was a sweet spot, and it has remained so since the mid-1970s. Experiments on four-day and six-day games were carried out as recently as 2019 and 2005 respectively, but they did not have a major. Nevertheless, the International Cricket Council[ICC], the governing body of cricket, insists on May the test cricket day after the calendar year 2023 and is expected to discuss the plan in March? But, why is that? Okay, man! For example, sales. If the Test Cricket Day is that, it saves a day of the extra cost that comes up for the game.

FOUR-DAY TESTS REPERCUSSIONS:-If a day is taken away from the game, are we ever going to have a repeat of the 2001 Harbhajan Eden heroics? Failed but courageous heist like Brett Lee and Michael Kasprowicz, Birmingham? In fact, if four-day tests come to play, half of Ben Stoke’s career in 2019 will never be remembered again. That’s precisely what the five-day plan brings to the table. The study, grind, wonder, and sheer application— for a reason, it’s a’ study.’

Four-day games will mean hurry and more reckless shots and could the whole grinding point and the price of a wicket. The presence of a batsman when he ground 200 deliveries and hit his hundred or the bowler when he got his wicket after successfully setting up a batsman will be reduced. Now, the team fighting first looks to bid their time and play for two days and put the opposition under pressure, and when the latter comes out of it — it shows the real character of the team, the player. This won’t be possible in four days. Teams will look to pile up runs faster, bowlers will have more pressure to get wickets and forget about the joy of a tripe ton until you’re reborn Virender Sehwag.In addition, a four-day test would also mean more workload for teams with four bowlers. On a day when 98 overs are to be bowled instead of 90, the workload of bowlers is going to increase, and on a summer day in places like Chennai, Perth … it’s nothing short of a nightmare.

OPINIONS DIVIDED:=As the debate rages on reducing the day, India and South Africa captains Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis said that Test cricket should last for five days, while Australia and England skippers Tim Paine and Joe Root believe that there is some sense in four-day cricket.” Four-day tests? Look, I’m not a fan of[it].” I don’t think the intention is going to be the right one, because then you’re going to talk about three-day tests, where do you end up? Then you’re worried about Test Cricket vanishing. I don’t agree with that at all.” I don’t think that’s fair to the purest format of the game-how cricket began initially and five-day test matches were the highest test you can have at the international level. In my opinion, it shouldn’t be changed,” Kohli said when asked about the four-day test. Tim Paine, Joe Root, and Faf du Plessis have agreed with their Indian counterparts.

WAY FORWARD:-Innovation plays a key role in drawing audiences to the stadiums and attracting new viewers. Take the’ Pink-Ball Test’ for instance. Kolkata welcomed it with open arms, and the stands were packed for the first four days, according to Sorav Ganguly— the president of the BCCI. Then comes the’ Boxing Day Test’—an annual event in Australia, which put together more than 1,5 lakh supporters in the first two days between Australia and England. Even the 2019 affair between the Aussies and New Zealand was a jam-packed affair. Yeah, good cricket and great build-up will get people into the stadiums, and that’s been proven time and time again.

Everything needs to be done to get this first is to provide nice, successful pitches. Nowadays, a lot of games end early because they’re played on flat decks. The first team fights out their opposition and the second team fights, cracks open and with time some pitches deteriorate into dust bowls… a textbook on the South African tour of India last year. It is therefore necessary to take a more direct and simple approach— to make sporting pitches. A top that should have grass in the first two days, allowing pacers to get something out of it, loosen up with time and be good at batting, and then, towards the end, bring the spinners into the game.Whenever this was done, the performances and the great matches followed, thereby filling the stadiums. Purists of the game and its fans will always flock to the stadiums for good cricket, and that’s only possible if it’s more competitive.

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