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Fudging Garbage Weight? Dump Yard Scale Sealed in Nagpur

Dump Yard in Nagpur: In a surprising turn of events, the legal metrology department in Nagpur has initiated an inquiry against the NMC solid waste management department. This investigation stems from discrepancies discovered in the weighing scale at the Bhandewadi dumping yard. Pandurang Biradar, the divisional controller, shares insights into the unexpected findings.

Fudging Garbage Weight? Dump Yard Scale Sealed in Nagpur – Unveiling the Investigation

In a routine inspection on Thursday night, officials were astonished to find that the weighing scale displayed more weight than the garbage-laden vehicles were actually transporting. This led to an immediate inquiry, marking the first instance of such irregularities.

2. NMC’s Waste Management Practices

NMC’s Garbage Collection Firms

NMC has enlisted the services of two garbage collection firms responsible for lifting approximately 1,300 metric tonnes of waste daily from Nagpur city. These firms transport the waste to the Bhandewadi dumping yard, passing through NMC’s weighing scale, installed over two decades ago.

Weighing Scale Calibration

Despite a calibration by the legal metrology department eight months ago, discrepancies in weight measurement have surfaced. Pradeep Jhodape, during the previous calibration, had certified the scale’s proper functioning. However, recent checks indicate a significant error.

3. Inspection and Sealing

Surprise Inspection

Upon receiving a complaint about irregularities, the local legal metrology department, led by Pandurang Biradar, conducted a surprise inspection. The findings revealed that the weighing scale was portraying excess weight instead of the actual weight being transported in tippers.

Sealing the Weighing Scale

In response to the confirmed complaint, the inspection team sealed the weighing scale in the presence of NMC zonal officer (SWM) Rohidas Rathod. The sealing occurred after checking vehicles loaded with 13 tonnes and 17 tonnes of chicken waste, displaying a substantial excess weight of about 350 to 400kg.

4. Rectification Efforts by NMC

NMC’s Response

NMC deputy municipal commissioner (SWM) Dr Gajendra Mahalle acknowledged the issue, stating that the weighing scale was recalibrated a couple of months ago, resulting in the current error. The NMC is actively working on rectifying the problem.

Bio-Mining Site Implementation

To address the weight measurement concerns, NMC has shifted its weighing process to the bio-mining site. Here, a sensor-based machine is being utilized for accurate weight determination.

5. Citizen Involvement and Appeals

Appeal to Citizens

Pandurang Biradar has urged citizens to report malfunctioning weighing scales in shops and markets. A helpline number (9404951828) has been provided for citizens to lodge their complaints.

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, the inquiry into the fudging of garbage weight at the Bhandewadi dumping yard has brought to light significant discrepancies in the weighing scale’s accuracy. The legal metrology department’s swift action and NMC’s commitment to rectification demonstrate a collective effort to address the issue. As citizens, staying vigilant and reporting irregularities ensures the integrity of such crucial measurement systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often is the weighing scale at Bhandewadi dumping yard inspected? A: The surprise inspection conducted by the legal metrology department was prompted by the first-ever complaint about discrepancies in weight measurement. The scale had undergone calibration eight months ago.

Q: What triggered the investigation into NMC’s solid waste management department? A: The inquiry was launched after officials discovered that the weighing scale at Bhandewadi dumping yard displayed excess weight than what was actually being transported in garbage-laden vehicles.

Q: How is NMC addressing the issue of excess weight displayed on the weighing scale? A: NMC is actively working on rectifying the error. They have shifted the weighing process to a bio-mining site, utilizing a sensor-based machine for accurate weight measurement.

Q: Can citizens contribute to resolving the issue? A: Yes, citizens are encouraged to lodge complaints if they come across malfunctioning weighing scales in shops and markets. A helpline number (9404951828) has been provided for this purpose.

Q: Has there been any previous instance of irregularities in weight measurement at the dumping yard? A: No, this is the first time a complaint about discrepancies in weight measurement has been received, and it was found to be a case of overweight instead of underweight.

Q: How long does NMC have to rectify the weighing scale issue? A: NMC has been asked to rectify the scale within seven days as per the directive from the legal metrology department.

The inquiry into the fudging of garbage weight at the Bhandewadi dumping yard (Dump Yard in Nagpur) highlights the importance of accurate weight measurement in waste management. As NMC takes steps to rectify the issue, citizens play a crucial role in reporting any irregularities they come across. The collaborative effort ensures the integrity of the waste measurement system and contributes to a cleaner and more efficiently managed city.

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