PWD to Reinstall Height Bars on Shahid Gowari Flyover

The Public Works Department (PWD) is gearing up to reinstall height bars on both ends of the Shahid Gowari flyover. The department has completed the tender process, and the installation work is set to begin within a week. These height bars will be placed at Rahate Colony Square and Morris College T-point, marking a renewed effort to restrict the movement of heavy vehicles on the flyover.

Background of Shahid Gowari Flyover

The Shahid Gowari flyover, a crucial infrastructure piece, was initially designed to facilitate smooth vehicular movement while preventing heavy vehicle traffic. However, miscreants have previously damaged the height bars, allowing heavy vehicles such as private travel buses, huge trucks, and JCBs to use the flyover, which poses significant risks.

Government and Engineer Concerns

Prohibited Heavy Vehicle Movement

From the flyover’s inception, government agencies have clearly prohibited the movement of heavy vehicles. Engineers had emphasized that heavy vehicles would drastically reduce the lifespan of the bridge.

Deputy Commissioner’s Statement

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Satav stated, “The movement of heavy vehicles on this bridge is a cause for concern. Our policemen caught the violators and action was taken, but the movement did not stop.”

The Damage and Risks

Impact on Flyover’s Structure

Structural engineers have noted the development of cracks on the bridge, with the primary cause being the heavy vehicle movement. These vehicles significantly increase the load on the bridge, causing wear and tear.

Executive Engineer’s Admission

Krusha Gharde, Executive Engineer of the World Bank Division, PWD, confirmed that the department received a letter from the Traffic Police regarding this issue. “Acting on the letter, we have started the process to erect height bars. The estimated cost was chalked out with the completion of tendering. In a week’s time, the work will begin.”

Previous Measures and Challenges

Previous Installations

PWD had previously installed height bars, but these were broken by truckers to enable their movement across the flyover. Such activities often occurred during late night hours, making it difficult for police to catch the culprits.

Enhanced Vigilance

This time, the police have decided to maintain strict vigilance after the height bars are installed. This measure aims to ensure compliance and prevent further damage.

Speed and Overtaking Violations

Speed Limit Enforcement

Despite a speed limit of 40 kmph and a prohibition on overtaking, these rules are not strictly followed. The police have conducted speed checks using speed guns, imposing fines on violators, but the issue persists.

Challenges with Enforcement

Even senior police officers’ vehicles have been observed violating speed rules. Overtaking is a common occurrence on the flyover, contributing to the ongoing issues.

Solutions and Future Steps

Height Bars as a Solution

The reinstallation of height bars is seen as the only viable solution to restrict heavy vehicles from using the flyover, thereby protecting its structure and extending its lifespan.

Coordination Between Departments

Close coordination between the PWD and the Traffic Police is crucial. This cooperation aims to ensure the height bars remain intact and effective in preventing heavy vehicle traffic.

Community Awareness

Raising awareness within the community about the importance of adhering to these restrictions is also essential. Public cooperation can significantly enhance the effectiveness of these measures.

The PWD’s initiative to reinstall height bars on the Shahid Gowari flyover is a critical step towards preserving the structure and ensuring its longevity. With strict vigilance and community cooperation, the movement of heavy vehicles can be effectively curtailed, safeguarding this vital infrastructure.

  1. Why are height bars being reinstalled on the Shahid Gowari flyover? Height bars are being reinstalled to prevent heavy vehicles from using the flyover, which could damage the structure and reduce its lifespan.
  2. Where will the height bars be placed? The height bars will be erected at Rahate Colony Square and Morris College T-point.
  3. What issues have arisen from heavy vehicles using the flyover? Heavy vehicles have caused structural damage to the flyover, including the development of cracks, which compromise its integrity.
  4. What measures are being taken to enforce the height bar restrictions? The police will maintain strict vigilance and enforce speed limits and overtaking prohibitions to ensure compliance with the height bar restrictions.
  5. How can the community help in preserving the flyover? By adhering to the traffic rules and respecting the height bar restrictions, the community can play a significant role in preserving the flyover’s structure.

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