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Hiding Illness Before Marriage – A Ground for Divorce, Decrees Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court


In a groundbreaking proclamation, the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court has unequivocally asserted that concealing illnesses before matrimony can constitute solid ground for divorce. This revelation surfaced during a judicial proceeding involving a couple from Akola, sparking a legal discourse that delved into the intricacies of marital obligations and disclosure.

The High Court’s Pronouncement

“A Stitch in Time Saves Nine” – High Court’s Stern Warning

The court, adopting a stern tone, emphasized that if an individual is grappling with an incurable ailment before marriage, transparency becomes paramount. The specific case involved a couple wed on May 18, 2017, hailing from Akola. The wife, afflicted with an eye disease pre-marriage, chose not to disclose it. The revelation unfolded three months into their wedlock, leading to their subsequent separation.

Navigating Legal Terrain – Akola Family Court’s Verdict

Promptly, the wife sought restoration of conjugal rights via a petition in the Akola Family Court. Simultaneously, the husband pursued a divorce petition. In a joint ruling, the Akola Family Court rebuffed the wife’s plea while endorsing the husband’s quest for legal dissolution. Unyielding, the wife contested this decision, elevating the matter to the High Court for reevaluation.

Hiding Illness Before Marriage is a Ground for Divorce – High Court’s Firm Stand

The Gavel Resounds: Legal Implications

During the court proceedings, all parties involved were afforded an opportunity to present their perspectives. After meticulous consideration, the High Court resolutely stood by the Akola Family Court’s decision, categorically dismissing the wife’s appeal. This robust stance underscores the judiciary’s insistence on transparency in marital relationships, specifically when health concerns are at play.

FAQs – Demystifying the Legal Dynamics

  1. Is concealing an illness grounds for divorce in every case?
    • The High Court’s assertion is not absolute. Each case is evaluated on its merits, considering the nature of the ailment and the impact on the marital relationship.
  2. What if the illness is curable? Does it still constitute a ground for divorce?
    • While curability may influence the decision, the emphasis lies on honest disclosure. Lack of transparency, even with a curable condition, could potentially affect the court’s ruling.
  3. Does this precedent apply only to serious ailments?
    • The court’s stance extends to all health conditions, underlining the importance of open communication in fostering a healthy marital bond.
  4. How can individuals protect themselves legally in such situations?
    • Drafting prenuptial agreements that address the disclosure of pre-existing health conditions is one way to navigate potential legal challenges.
  5. Can the court compel disclosure of medical records before marriage?
    • While not a standard practice, the court may consider such requests if deemed essential to ensuring transparency.
  6. Are there any exceptions to the disclosure rule?
    • The court recognizes genuine circumstances where disclosure may be challenging. However, deliberate concealment without valid reasons is unlikely to be condoned.

The Crucial Verdict – High Court Maintains Legal Precedence

Grounds for Divorce: A Paradigm Shift?

This verdict reflects a paradigm shift in the legal landscape surrounding marital obligations (ground for divorce). The High Court’s steadfast commitment to upholding the sanctity of marriage through transparency sets a precedent for future cases involving concealed health conditions.


In the realm of matrimony, the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court’s recent pronouncement echoes a resounding call for transparency. The imperative of divulging pre-existing health conditions stands tall as a cornerstone for fostering trust and ensuring the longevity of marital unions. As the legal arena adapts to evolving societal norms, this verdict signals a pivotal moment in defining the boundaries of disclosure within the sacred institution of marriage.

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