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LGBTQ activists turn to social issues after they won gay rights

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Nagpur: As the 2020 New Year rolled in, LGBTQ community members are looking to a fresh start after finally gaining legal status in the country. LGBTQ leaders said they are no longer in their own country feeling like criminals. With this newfound confidence, they are preparing to continue fighting for gay rights, and they also want to raise their voice for other issues of society and the environment.

Gay rights activists also said they are social activists because their life is more than just fighting for their own culture. LGBTQ leaders in town want to disseminate information and work to improve society as a whole. Also, the theme of the pride march organized by Sarathi Trust in Nagpur on January 18 was’ Duties toward society.’

Anand Chandrani, a human rights activist and gay rights activist, said, “It’s not for drawing attention to our sexual orientation each time we hit the streets and hold a march. We also want to educate the society that even we have ideas, responsibilities and responsibilities toward humanity and societal issues. “Nikunj Joshi, CEO of Sarathi Trust, believes in the idea of gay rights activists becoming social activists,” There are so many LGBTQ members working equally well for people and society in the country. This pride march was organized to raise awareness among citizens that we stand on an equal footing, just like any straight person.” “We had people from several human rights organizations involved in the march to spread the equality and welfare message, “he said.

Pallavi Shipley, a Pride Walk participant and a travel enthusiast, believes that after homosexuality has been legalized in the country, they too want an opportunity to fulfil their responsibilities openly, “Now our sense of responsibility has increased, which will encourage work towards abolishing all exclusion and raising awareness of various evils in society.” “We too feel equally sensitive to crimes such as child abuse, rape and exploitation.” Hemalata Love, Red Cross project manager, believes in recruiting LGBTQ members for Red Cross projects because she feels that humanity is larger than anything else, “We have so many queers and transgenders working to improve sex workers and children. Even they are intellectually aware of the country’s current situation and consider it their duty to tackle general issues like Swaccha Bharat and save girl child.

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