Maharashtra Election Preparedness: Maha, MP Revenue & Police Officers Unite

In a groundbreaking move, Nagpur is set to host the inaugural interstate pre-election coordination meeting, bringing together the police and revenue departments from adjoining districts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. The collaborative effort aims to formulate joint strategies for effectively implementing the model code of conduct once it takes effect.

The Gathering of Experts

Maha, MP Revenue & Police Officers to Discuss Election Plan

This pivotal meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, anticipates the participation of collectors and superintendent of police from Seoni, Pandhurna, and Chhindwara in MP. Furthermore, the inspector general of police from Jabalpur range is expected to join forces with counterparts from Nagpur rural, Bhandara, and Gondia.

Interstate Collaboration for Election Challenges (Maharashtra Election)

Addressing Left Wing Terrorism in Districts

Sources indicate that separate discussions may unfold with the revenue and police departments of Gondia, Gadchiroli in Maharashtra, Rajnandagaon in Chhattisgarh, and Balaghat in MP. The focus of this interstate meeting revolves around the unique challenges posed by Left Wing terrorism in these districts.

Tackling Cross-Border Movements

Ensuring Security Against Arms, Weapons, Currencies, and Liquor

With the impending model code of conduct announcement, the primary discussions will center on curbing interstate cross-border movements of arms, weapons, currencies, and liquor. Senior officials are gearing up to devise robust strategies to combat these challenges in the run-up to the elections.

Execution of Legal Protocols

Warrants, Non-Bailable Warrants, and Summons

Senior officials will delve into the execution of warrants, non-bailable warrants, and summons during the meeting. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure swift legal action and maintain the sanctity of the electoral process.

Intelligence Exchange and Drives

Nabbing Wanted Criminals

To enhance security, the meeting will emphasize the exchange of intelligence inputs and the initiation of special drives on either side of the borders. The primary objective is to apprehend wanted and absconding individuals, contributing to a safer electoral environment.

Enhanced Checkpoints

Bolstering Security Measures

SP Nagpur rural, Harssh A Poddar, affirmed the existence of two permanent checkpoints on the roads connecting Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. As elections approach, additional checkpoints at Narkhed and Parseoni will be strategically placed to fortify security measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this interstate meeting crucial for Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh?

This meeting is pivotal as it brings together key stakeholders to address the complex challenges posed by Left Wing terrorism and ensure the seamless execution of the electoral process.

2. What specific issues will be discussed regarding cross-border movements?

The discussions will primarily focus on curbing the illicit transfer of arms, weapons, currencies, and liquor between the two states, especially in the aftermath of the model code of conduct announcement.

The meeting will delve into the meticulous execution of warrants, non-bailable warrants, and summons to uphold the rule of law during the electoral process.

4. What measures are in place to enhance intelligence exchange and drives?

The meeting aims to facilitate the exchange of intelligence inputs and the initiation of special drives to apprehend wanted and absconding individuals, thereby strengthening security.

5. What role do permanent checkpoints play in election security?

Permanent checkpoints, including those at Narkhed and Parseoni, (Nagpur) act as crucial strategic points to monitor and regulate movements between Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, ensuring enhanced security measures.

6. How will the collaboration impact the overall election preparedness?

The collaborative efforts of Maha and MP revenue & police officers signify a proactive approach towards addressing potential challenges, contributing to robust election (Maharashtra Election) preparedness.


As Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh gear up for the upcoming elections, the coordination meeting between Maha, MP revenue & police officers stands as a testament to their commitment to a secure and transparent electoral process. The collaborative strategies discussed in this meeting aim to create a fortified front against challenges, ensuring the elections unfold smoothly.

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