Medical Certificates to Avoid Election Duty: Dr. Itankar’s Strict Monitoring

Dr Vipin Itankar: In an effort to ensure the integrity of the electoral process, Dr. Vipin Itankar, the District Collector and Election Officer for the Nagpur and Ramtek Lok Sabha constituencies, has issued a stern warning regarding the submission of medical certificates to avoid election duty. The certificates will undergo rigorous verification, and those found to be falsified will face severe consequences.

Understanding the Importance of Election Duty

Dr. Itankar emphasized the crucial role that government employees play in the electoral process, highlighting their responsibility to perform election duties honestly. However, some individuals resort to submitting medical certificates to evade their duties, posing challenges to the administration’s efforts to conduct smooth polling operations across all regions, including remote villages.

Challenges Faced by the Administration

The administration faces significant challenges in ensuring the participation of a sufficient workforce for the electoral process. With over 50,000 personnel required directly or indirectly, any attempt to circumvent duty obligations undermines the democratic exercise.

Commitment to Voter Turnout

Efforts are underway to achieve a voter turnout of 75% or higher in the upcoming elections. The administration reviews preparations daily to address any logistical or operational challenges that may arise, underscoring its commitment to facilitating a robust democratic process.

Dr. Itankar’s announcement underscores the importance of upholding the integrity of election duty and the accountability of government employees. By strictly monitoring the submission of medical certificates, the administration aims to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.


1. What are the consequences of submitting a falsified medical certificate?

  • Individuals found submitting falsified medical certificates will face severe consequences, as per the warning issued by Dr. Itankar.

2. How does the administration ensure the integrity of the electoral process?

  • The administration conducts rigorous verification of medical certificates and reviews preparations daily to address any challenges.

3. Why is election duty essential for government employees?

  • Election duty is crucial for ensuring the smooth conduct of polling operations and facilitating democratic participation.

4. What percentage of voter turnout is the administration aiming for?

5. How many personnel are required for the electoral process?

  • The electoral process requires over 50,000 personnel directly or indirectly to fulfill various roles and responsibilities.

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