Rs 507 Crore for Health Facilities: Fadnavis’ Mission Nagpur

Mission Nagpur Health Funding: It was only ‘Mission Nagpur’ that Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis focused on during his review meeting at Sahyadri Guest House in Mumbai on Wednesday. He assured that Rs 507 crore would be given immediately for the healthcare facilities of the city. On Tuesday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) High Command refused to accept the resignation of Fadnavis and asked him to continue, after which the Deputy Chief Minister swung into action. In his first meeting post-decision, he cleared his vision for Nagpur, also taking stock of the progress of various development projects in the city.

A Comprehensive Plan for Nagpur’s Healthcare

A detailed plan amounting to Rs 639 crore has been prepared for the Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH), Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH), and other healthcare units in Nagpur. While some funds have already been allocated, Fadnavis directed that the remaining Rs 507 crore be released immediately to expedite the ongoing projects.

Key Projects and Their Progress (Mission Nagpur Health Funding)

During the review, Fadnavis emphasized several critical projects and their current status:

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital and Research Center

The Deputy Chief Minister announced that the bhoomipujan (groundbreaking ceremony) for the 612-bed Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital and Research Center at Indora would be conducted soon. This project aims to enhance the healthcare infrastructure significantly.

300-Bed Hospital at Wathoda

Another major initiative is the construction of a 300-bed hospital at Wathoda. Fadnavis stressed that the construction work should commence immediately to meet the growing healthcare needs of the region.

Radiotherapy Department at GMCH

The ongoing construction of the Radiotherapy Department at GMCH is crucial for creating advanced facilities for cancer treatment. Fadnavis assured that necessary funds are being provided to expedite this project.

Multispecialty Hospital at Wathoda

Additionally, the construction of a 300-bed multispecialty hospital at Wathoda, on land belonging to the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), is set to gain momentum under Fadnavis’ directive.

Broader Development Initiatives

In his extensive meeting, Fadnavis touched upon various issues related to Nagpur’s development beyond healthcare:

Funding for the Collectorate

Fadnavis highlighted the immediate allocation of Rs 60 crore for the work of the Collectorate, ensuring that bureaucratic processes do not hinder the overall progress.

Tender Processes and New Projects (Mission Nagpur Health Funding)

The Deputy Chief Minister instructed the immediate initiation of tender processes for several significant projects:

  • Shree Mahalakshmi Jagdamba Sansthan at Koradi
  • Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Research and Training Institute
  • Mahajyoti Institute and Research Center at Sitabardi
  • Construction of an administrative building

Important Officials Present

The meeting saw participation from key officials, including Principal Secretary to Deputy Chief Minister Shrikar Pardeshi, Principal Secretary of Finance Department O. P. Gupta, and others from various departments.

Momentum for Ongoing Projects

Fadnavis underscored the need to accelerate several ongoing projects:

  • Rehabilitation of brick kiln owners in Mauja Bharatwada, Punapur under Smart City
  • Releasing tenders for NIT’s Rs 716 crore sewage project
  • Construction of the Indus Art Gallery at Indora

Review of Proposed Projects

Fadnavis also reviewed proposed projects aimed at enhancing Nagpur’s infrastructure and cultural heritage:

  • OBC Bhavan
  • Sant Savatamali Bhawan
  • Shiv Srishti
  • Bakht Buland Shah Memorial beautification
  • Tekdi Ganesh Pilgrimage Development
  • Visarjan Kund
  • Nandagram Project
  • Pohra River Purification
  • Naganadi Pollution Abatement Project
  • Devdia Hospital
  • Prabhakarrao Datke Hospital
  • Ram Jhula

He emphasized the need for detailed project reports to develop playgrounds across Nagpur city, ensuring the city’s holistic growth.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ ‘Mission Nagpur’ is a comprehensive initiative aimed at transforming the healthcare infrastructure and overall development of the city. By allocating Rs 507 crore immediately and pushing forward numerous projects, Fadnavis is steering Nagpur towards significant growth and modernization. The proactive approach and detailed planning underscore a commitment to the city’s future, ensuring that Nagpur emerges as a model for urban development.

1. What is the primary focus of Mission Nagpur? Mission Nagpur primarily focuses on enhancing the healthcare infrastructure in Nagpur, with an immediate allocation of Rs 507 crore for various projects.

2. Which major healthcare projects are included in Mission Nagpur? Key projects include the construction of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital and Research Center, a 300-bed hospital at Wathoda, and the Radiotherapy Department at GMCH.

3. How much total funding has been allocated for Nagpur’s healthcare facilities? A total of Rs 639 crore has been allocated, with Rs 507 crore to be released immediately.

4. What other development projects are being prioritized? Other projects include the rehabilitation of brick kiln owners, sewage projects, cultural heritage sites, and infrastructure enhancements like the Collectorate and administrative buildings.

5. Who are the key officials involved in these projects? Key officials include Principal Secretaries from various departments, the Divisional Commissioner of Nagpur, the Municipal Commissioner, and senior officials from Nagpur Improvement Trust and Nagpur Metropolitan Region Development Authority.

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