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Nagpur CP Ravindra Singhal Takes Charge: Unveiling Criminal Identities in Bold Move


In a bold stride towards combating crime in Nagpur, the recently appointed CP Dr. Ravindra Singhal, orchestrated a high-profile identity parade at the Police Commissioner’s office. This strategic initiative is a pivotal component of the comprehensive plan to tackle criminal activities within the city.

New Nagpur CP Conducts Identity Parade of Hundreds of Criminals

The streets of Nagpur witnessed a unique spectacle as Commissioner Ravindra Singhal, at the helm of the city’s police force, orchestrated an identity parade of well-known criminals. This roll call included notorious figures like Ashwin Ramase, Ravindra Ukey, Rahul Khobragade, Ankush Phuke, Abdul Karim, Rakesh Hedao, Sitaram Sahu, Sunny Samudre, and Sunny Chavan. The initiative, a testament to Commissioner Singhal’s commitment, serves as a public declaration against criminal activities within the city.

Reaffirming Commitment to Public Safety

A senior officer from the Crime Branch emphasized that showcasing these individuals with criminal backgrounds is a powerful public statement. It reinforces the commitment of the police department, under Commissioner Singhal’s leadership, to ensure the safety and order of Nagpur. Criminals were sternly reminded to adhere to the law and abstain from any unlawful activities.

Commissioner Singhal’s Determination to Combat Crime

Assuming office recently, Commissioner Singhal expressed his unwavering determination to crackdown on criminal elements. He underscored the significance of proactive measures in establishing a secure environment for Nagpur residents. This decisive action aligns seamlessly with his overarching vision of fortifying the police force’s role in preventing crime and ensuring community safety.

Community Involvement for a Secure Nagpur

This high-profile event is a continuation of the relentless efforts by law enforcement to keep the public well-informed about initiatives combating criminal activities in Nagpur. Commissioner Singhal, through his office, calls upon residents to actively cooperate with authorities. Encouraging a collaborative approach, the city is urged to report any suspicious activities, fostering a united front in maintaining peace and security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Why did Commissioner Singhal organize the identity parade?

A1: CP Ravindra Singhal initiated the identity parade as a bold move to demonstrate the police department’s commitment to addressing criminal activities in Nagpur.

Q2: Who were the notable figures in the parade?

A2: The parade featured well-known individuals with criminal records, including Ashwin Ramase, Ravindra Ukey, Rahul Khobragade, Ankush Phuke, Abdul Karim, Rakesh Hedao, Sitaram Sahu, Sunny Samudre, and Sunny Chavan, among others.

Q3: What message was conveyed to the criminals during the parade?

A3: The criminals were sternly reminded to abide by the law and cease any involvement in criminal behavior.

Q4: How does this event align with Commissioner Singhal’s vision for Nagpur?

A4: This action aligns with Commissioner Singhal’s broader vision of fortifying the police force’s role in crime prevention and community safety.

Q5: What is the significance of community involvement in maintaining peace?

A5: Commissioner Singhal encourages residents to actively cooperate with authorities, fostering a collaborative approach to maintain peace and security in Nagpur.

Q6: What should the public do in case of witnessing suspicious activities?

A6: Residents are urged to report any suspicious activities promptly, contributing to the shared responsibility of ensuring a secure Nagpur.


Commissioner Ravindra Singhal’s resolute stance against criminal elements and his commitment to community safety mark a new era for Nagpur. The identity parade serves not only as a public spectacle but as a testament to the proactive measures employed by law enforcement under his leadership. As Nagpur stands united against crime, Commissioner Singhal’s vision for a secure city gains momentum, shaping a safer future for all residents.

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