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Nagpur Crime Branch Nabs Two-Wheeler Thief with 111 Stolen Vehicles


In a significant breakthrough, the anti-vehicle theft squad of Nagpur’s Crime Branch has successfully apprehended a notorious thief responsible for a spree of two-wheeler thefts in the city. This criminal, identified as Lokesh Bhonge, not only stole 111 two-wheelers but also transported them to rural areas before disposing of them. The arrest comes as a result of meticulous investigation and surveillance by the Crime Branch, shedding light on a series of thefts that had gripped Nagpur.

The Surge in Two-Wheeler Thefts

Over recent months, Nagpur witnessed a disturbing rise in two-wheeler thefts, prompting heightened concern within the community. The Wadi police station had reported a similar case, and in response, the Crime Branch initiated an extensive effort to curb these criminal activities. CCTV cameras across the city played a pivotal role in identifying the suspect, leading to a focused monitoring of areas prone to theft.

Tracking the Culprit: Lokesh Bhonge’s Arrest

With the aid of dump data and CCTV footage, the Crime Branch successfully tracked down the elusive thief, Lokesh Bhonge, a 24-year-old resident of Kondhali originally from Warud, Amravati. The arrest yielded the recovery of 111 stolen two-wheelers, showcasing the extent of the criminal’s activities. Bhonge, who previously worked for an auto dealer, transitioned to stealing and selling cars, leaving a trail of thefts in both Nagpur city and rural areas.

The Extent of the Crime Spree

It has come to light that Lokesh Bhonge is not a novice in criminal activities. With a staggering 85 theft cases registered across nine districts of Vidarbha, he operated with audacity, displaying a high level of sophistication in executing his crimes. The accused had a history of working in the automotive sector, initially dealing with buying and selling old vehicles. However, after a love marriage and facing financial struggles, he turned to a life of crime.

Insight into Lokesh Bhonge’s Criminal Network

The intricate web of Lokesh Bhonge’s criminal operations spanned across Nagpur and its surrounding districts. His modus operandi involved stealing 28 two-wheelers from Nagpur city and an additional 21 from Nagpur rural. The Crime Branch’s investigation unraveled the depth of Bhonge’s criminal network, exposing the widespread impact of his actions on the community.

The Path to Crime: From Auto Dealer to Thief

Bhonge’s journey from being an employee in an auto deal company to a prolific thief provides a glimpse into the underlying factors contributing to his criminal turn. After a love marriage, financial difficulties forced him to resort to illegal activities. Settling in a rented room in Kondhali, Bhonge embarked on a criminal path, leaving a trail of stolen vehicles and numerous cases filed against him.


The arrest of Lokesh Bhonge marks a crucial victory for the Nagpur Crime Branch, putting an end to a series of two-wheeler thefts that had plagued the city. The detailed investigation, surveillance, and collaboration with law enforcement agencies across Vidarbha underscore the commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the community. The case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges posed by organized crime and the importance of proactive measures to safeguard our neighborhoods.

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