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Nagpur Outer Ring Road Corruption: CBI Unveils Bribery Scandal

In a shocking turn of events, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has apprehended (CBI arrests) two high-ranking officials from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) – General Manager Arvind Kale and Deputy General Manager Brijesh Kumar Sahu, alongside four others. The arrests, made on a Sunday, are linked to a bribery case involving a staggering amount of Rs 20 lakh connected to the Outer Ring Road Project in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The Culprits Revealed

Kale, who served as a project director for NHAI in Nagpur, and Sahu, a project director in Madhya Pradesh’s Harda, were taken into custody. Additionally, the directors of Bansal Construction Works Private Limited, a Bhopal-based company, namely Anil Bansal and Kunal Bansal, were also arrested. Employees of the firm, Chhater Singh Lodhi and C Krishna, complete the list of those apprehended.

CBI’s Swift Action

The CBI wasted no time in executing searches at five locations in Bhopal and Nagpur, encompassing both residential and official premises. A substantial amount of Rs 1.1 crore in cash was seized, with Rs 20 lakh identified as the bribe amount. The federal agency’s spokesperson confirmed this development in a statement.

FIR and Allegations

The CBI’s FIR, filed recently, named 11 individuals, including NHAI officials, the company’s directors, and its employees. The allegations revolve around the directors of the Bhopal-based company delivering bribes to NHAI public servants through their employees. These bribes were allegedly exchanged for completion certificates, bill processing, and the smooth progression of awarded works in various road projects sanctioned by NHAI.

Company’s Malpractices Exposed

The agency received intelligence that the company’s employees were delivering bribes to officials in Nagpur and Madhya Pradesh. Krishna, one of the arrested individuals, was reportedly in regular contact with Kale, specifically to expedite pending matters such as bill processing and issuance of completion certificates for the Outer Ring Road project.

Surveillance and Apprehension

During surveillance, the CBI discovered (CBI arrests) that an additional amount of Rs 25 lakh was set to be delivered to Kale. Taking decisive action, the CBI laid a trap resulting in the apprehension of Kale and Project Manager Sahu after the delivery of a Rs 20 lakh bribe by an employee of the private company involved.

The unfolding events surrounding the Nagpur Outer Ring Road corruption case have sent shockwaves through the NHAI. The swift and resolute action by the CBI sheds light on the pervasive corruption within the project. As investigations continue, the repercussions for those involved remain uncertain.


Q1: What is the significance of the Outer Ring Road Project in Nagpur?

The Outer Ring Road Project in Nagpur is a crucial infrastructure initiative aimed at enhancing connectivity and easing traffic congestion in the region.

Q2: How did the CBI uncover the bribery scandal?

The CBI received (CBI arrests) intelligence about the delivery of bribes by employees of a Bhopal-based company to NHAI officials, prompting thorough surveillance and subsequent arrests.

Q3: What charges do the arrested NHAI officials and company directors face?

The charges include bribery, delivering bribes to public servants, and corrupt practices related to the issuance of completion certificates and bill processing.

Q4: What is the status of the seized cash?

The CBI seized Rs 1.1 crore in cash, with Rs 20 lakh identified as the bribe amount. The funds will likely be used as evidence in the ongoing investigation.

Q5: What steps will NHAI take to address corruption within its ranks?

NHAI is expected to conduct internal investigations, implement stricter protocols, and collaborate with law enforcement agencies to ensure transparency and integrity within the organization.

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