Nagpur positions national crime data as a ‘ safe ‘ city

In the silver lining for the city’s guardians, the 2018 national crime data just released shows that Nagpur can no longer be synonymous with the’ crime capital name, which was once used by the opponents of the then Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis, to corner him on the assembly floor. During a media briefing earlier this week, City Police Chief BK Upadhyay reported that there was a 10% decrease in the crime rate in 2019 compared to the previous year. The assertion was validated with the release of the 2018 crime statistics by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), where Nagpur’s position is much lower than that of most categories of serious crimes in the nation. In most of the categories, Nagpur is third in the state after Mumbai and Pune, excluding the category of’ Crime rate,’ registered under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Special Local Laws (SLL), where it has surpassed 19 such places nationwide by more than two metres. While Nagpur has a crime rate of 688.6 per lakh, Mumbai is 309.9/lakh, while Pune is the lowest (277.9/lakh) in Maharashtra. Nagpur is ranked 12th in the same category as the crime rate in India. Upadhyay said that the crimes were under control and that the numbers had both been visibly and statistically reduced.

“This is a safe city. The power is always trying to stay on its feet and to further develop the scenario, “he said. The city is number 12 in the country for rape, with 69 crimes registered in 2018, and the third in the state after Mumbai (319) and Pune (103)—making it statistically safer for women. Under Section 354 of the IPC, the city holds the 10th place in the nation with 274 offenses in the category of’ Assault on Women with the intention of insulting her modesty.’ It is third in the state after Mumbai (2,038), second in the nation, followed by Pune (406). In the category of’ Total offenses affecting the human body,’ Nagpur ranks 14th in the nation with 2,619 offences, and third in the state with Mumbai (11,585) number two in the country and Pune (2,903) ranking 12th. In the category of murder, the city is the 12th in the nation and the third in the state with 72 such crimes, one less than that in Pune. Mumbai is the fourth in the nation and the first in the state to commit 164 murders. In the category Attempt to Murder,’ the city ranks third in the state and 11th in the nation with 77 crimes, after Pune (127) and Mumbai (280). In economic offenses, Mumbai is the nation’s first with 4803 crimes, while Nagpur is the 15th with 534 crimes. Pune is the 12th in the country with 777 crimes. The city is also relatively safer for senior citizens, with 207 offenses— the sixth in the nation and the second in the state after Mumbai (1,043) at the top of the chart. Pune, with 169 crimes, is safest in the state for the elderly population as per national crime data. Nagpur is third in the state for crimes against children and sixth in the country for 538 crimes. Mumbai has the highest crime against children in the state and the second in the nation, with 2,538 crimes.

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