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Thundershowers Likely in City Today: IMD

IMD Forecasts Thunderstorms and Gusty Winds for Nagpur

Nagpur Weather: A day after the city experienced refreshing rains, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced the likelihood of thunderstorms hitting Nagpur on March 19. This forecast comes as a relief from the oppressive hot and humid conditions prevalent recently. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming weather conditions in Nagpur:

Orange Alert Issued by IMD

The IMD has issued an orange alert for Nagpur, signaling the possibility of thunderstorms accompanied by squall or hail. This alert urges residents and authorities to stay prepared and take necessary precautions to mitigate potential risks.

Widespread Thunderstorms Expected

According to IMD predictions, Vidarbha is likely to witness widespread thunderstorms and lightning on Tuesday. Additionally, there’s a potential risk of hail, adding to the intensity of the weather event.

Gusty Winds Forecast

In addition to thunderstorms, gusty winds with speeds ranging between 40-50 km per hour are expected. These strong winds could cause further disruption, emphasizing the need for caution among the populace.

Clearing Skies Ahead

While the immediate forecast indicates thunderstorms, IMD forecasts partial clearing of the skies from March 20 onwards. This suggests a gradual improvement in weather conditions, with reduced chances of thunderstorms.

As Nagpur braces itself for thunderstorms and gusty winds, it’s crucial for residents to stay informed and prepared. Following IMD advisories and taking necessary precautions can help minimize any adverse effects of the impending weather.


Q1. What is the significance of an orange alert issued by the India Meteorological Department? An orange alert indicates the possibility of severe weather conditions, urging people to stay vigilant and take preventive measures.

Q2. How should residents prepare for thunderstorms and gusty winds? Residents should secure loose objects, stay indoors during the storm, and avoid venturing out unless necessary.

Q3. What precautions should be taken during hailstorms? Seek shelter indoors, away from windows, and protect vehicles from potential damage by parking them in covered areas.

Q4. When can we expect the weather to improve after thunderstorms? IMD forecasts partial clearing of skies starting from March 20, suggesting gradual improvement in weather conditions.

Q5. How accurate are IMD weather forecasts? IMD employs advanced technology and extensive data analysis to provide accurate weather forecasts, helping communities prepare for adverse weather events.

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