Nagpur to Butibori Road Upgrade: A Six-Lane Marvel – Nitin Gadkari

Enhancing Connectivity: From Airport Metro Station to Ring Road Junction

In a groundbreaking announcement, Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari revealed plans for the expansion of Nagpur’s crucial Nagpur to Butibori Road. This major development will witness the transformation of key stretches into six-lane thoroughfares, showcasing Gadkari’s commitment to bolstering the city’s infrastructure.

A Visionary Project: Double Decker Structure and Metro Integration

Nitin Gadkari outlined an ambitious vision, envisioning a double-decker structure that integrates a flyover with a metro on top. This innovative approach not only enhances efficiency but also significantly reduces the distance to Butibori. The road expansion spans from the Airport Metro Station to the Ring Road Junction, including the stretch from Ring Road to the Butibori Flyover. Additionally, the road from Wadi to Kondhali on Amravati Road is slated to become a six-lane marvel.

Unveiling Nagpur City Package-1: Butibori to Fetri Four-Layer Ring Road-Bypass

Under the ‘Nagpur City Package-1,’ the Butibori to Fetri Four-Layer Ring Road-Bypass was inaugurated by Minister Nitin Gadkari, accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Ramtek MP Kripal Tumane, and Hingane MLA Sameer Meghe. This strategic development aims to create a comprehensive link between the industrial areas of Hingna and Butibori, facilitating planned development.

Industrial Connectivity: Logistics Parks and Future Growth

The newly introduced outer ring road is poised to serve as a catalyst for planned development, connecting the industrial hubs of Hingna and Butibori. Alongside the road, logistics parks are planned, further enhancing connectivity and fostering industrial growth. The completion of the ring road from the lower underpass to Fetri, extending to Kamptee, is anticipated within the next two months, according to Gadkari.

Integrating Green Spaces: The Nation’s First ‘Bird Park’

In an eco-conscious move, an 8-hectare ‘Bird Park’ near Jamtha is set to become the country’s first. Minister Gadkari shared plans to cultivate various fruit varieties within the park, creating a natural habitat for birds. The park will also feature amenities such as a cycle track and a coffee shop, promoting recreational activities amidst nature. Gadkari emphasized the need to remove encroachments and widen roads in Hingna city for planned development.

Fadnavis’ Perspective: Overcoming Challenges for Swift Completion

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis acknowledged the initial challenges in constructing the outer ring road. However, he commended the accelerated progress achieved in the last two years. Fadnavis highlighted the significance of the outer ring road in alleviating traffic concerns, especially for those traveling from the Samriddhi Highway. This infrastructure development ensures smooth transportation through the outer ring road, accessible via ‘Rim Transport.’

Project Overview: Collaboration and Financial Investment

The project, executed in collaboration with the National Highway Authority of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of the Central Government, boasts a total length of 33.50 km. With a budget provision of 856 crore, the outer ring road features three flyovers, two major bridges, and 22 bus-way shelter centers spanning two and a half kilometers. Bamboo crash barriers have been installed to enhance safety, and a speed limit of 100 km per hour is imposed, as indicated in the National Highway Authority’s informative presentation.

In conclusion, the Nagpur to Butibori Road upgrade marks a transformative phase in the city’s infrastructure. Minister Gadkari’s visionary approach, coupled with collaborative efforts and substantial financial investment, ensures that Nagpur is poised for unparalleled growth and connectivity in the near future.

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