New Exit Gate Unveiled for Effortless Commuting at Ajni Railway Station


In a groundbreaking move aimed at elevating passenger convenience and optimizing access at Ajni Railway Station, a spanking new exit gate has been inaugurated near the escalator on Platform 1, Nagpur end. This strategic initiative seeks to streamline the transit experience, particularly for passengers disembarking from Platforms 2 and 3, ensuring seamless connectivity to the adjacent Metro station and the road.

Ajni Railway Station’s Evolution: A Step Towards Enhanced Convenience

Collaborative Effort by Rail and Metro Authorities

In a testament to their commitment to enhancing commuter travel, railway and metro officials collaborated to greenlight the new exit gate. This concerted effort emphasizes their dedication to providing a smoother journey for passengers. Those arriving at Platforms 2 and 3, nestled on the station’s north side, are set to benefit immensely from this thoughtful addition.

Navigating the New Exit Gate: A Passenger-Friendly Initiative

Operational Readiness

The newly minted exit gate swings into operation seamlessly with the arrival of trains at Ajni Railway Station. To further assist passengers, two dedicated Ticket Checking staff members have been stationed at the gate, ensuring efficient guidance for a hassle-free transition.

Parking Solutions for Enhanced Flow

In tandem with this development, adjustments have been made to the parking facilities near the porch of Platform no 1. Strategic measures include relocating parking areas to create space for passenger movement and deploying marshals to manage auto stands effectively.

Insights from Shri Aman Mittal Sr.

Shri Aman Mittal Sr., Divisional Commercial Manager of Nagpur Division, expressed, “We are undertaking this initiative to cater to passengers and alleviate inconveniences during the much-needed redevelopment work at Ajni station. The future benefits for the citizens of Nagpur are substantial.”

Transformative Impact on Passenger Experience

Seamless Transit Between Rail and Metro

This new exit gate emerges as a catalyst for an enhanced overall passenger experience, offering unprecedented convenience and efficiency for seamless transit between railway and metro services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why was the new exit gate introduced at Ajni Railway Station?

  • The new exit gate was introduced to enhance passenger convenience and streamline access, particularly for those arriving from Platforms 2 and 3.

2. When does the exit gate become operational?

  • The exit gate is operational upon the arrival of trains at Ajni Railway Station.

3. How many staff members are deployed at the exit gate to assist passengers?

  • Two dedicated Ticket Checking staff members are stationed at the exit gate to guide and assist passengers efficiently.

4. What measures have been taken to accommodate increased passenger flow?

  • Parking facilities near the porch of Platform no 1 have been adjusted, including the relocation of parking areas and the deployment of marshals for effective management of auto stands.

5. Who expressed insights regarding the initiative?

  • Shri Aman Mittal Sr., Divisional Commercial Manager of Nagpur Division, shared insights, highlighting the initiative’s purpose in alleviating inconveniences during Ajni station’s redevelopment.

6. How does the new exit gate contribute to the overall passenger experience?

  • The new exit gate significantly contributes to an enhanced passenger experience by providing greater convenience and efficiency in transit between railway and metro services.


The unveiling of the new exit gate at Ajni Railway Station stands as a monumental step towards optimizing passenger convenience and connectivity. This transformative initiative underscores the collaborative efforts of railway and metro officials, ensuring a smoother journey for passengers arriving from Platforms 2 and 3. As Ajni Railway Station evolves, the commitment to passenger-centric enhancements promises a future of seamless and efficient commuting for the citizens of Nagpur.

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