NMC’s Proactive River Cleaning Initiative in Nagpur

NMC River Cleaning Nagpur: In a proactive move, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has deployed six porcelains for the cleaning of rivers that traverse Nagpur city. This annual initiative is aimed at ensuring the smooth flow of rainwater through Nag, Pili, and Pohra Rivers, with a particular focus on averting a repeat of the devastating deluge on September 23.

Early Commencement of the Campaign

What prompted the early start of the river cleaning campaign?

The NMC, under the periodic review of Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Chaudhari, initiated the river cleaning campaign on January 1, well ahead of the usual time frame. This strategic decision aims to mitigate the risk of large-scale devastation, providing a proactive solution to potential challenges during the upcoming monsoon season.

What measures are being taken?

To address the cleaning process of NMC River Cleaning Nagpur effectively, six porcelains, including five large and one small machine, were deployed on Thursday. The Nag River is currently undergoing cleaning at Ambazari, Ashok Chowk, and Pardi Pool. The cleaning involves a combination of machines and manpower, ensuring a thorough cleansing of the rivers and their tributaries.

Extensive Canal Cleaning

How are the canals and nullahs being addressed?

In addition to river cleaning, the NMC is actively involved in cleaning 232 canals or nullahs, including prominent ones like Hattinala, Gaddigodam, Balabhaupeth, Boriyapura, Dobinagar, Takiya, Narendranagar, and Burdanala. This multi-faceted approach covers a comprehensive range of water bodies to enhance the overall drainage system.

What is the significance of canal cleaning?

Cleaning these canals is crucial for preventing waterlogging and ensuring efficient drainage, reducing the risk of flooding during heavy rainfall. The meticulous attention to various water channels demonstrates the NMC’s commitment to comprehensive city planning.

River Lengths and Importance

What are the lengths of Nagpur’s major rivers?

The Nag River, flowing through and near Nagpur city, spans approximately 16.58 km. Similarly, the Pili River extends for 17.42 km, and the Pohra River covers a distance of 15.17 km. Understanding the lengths of these rivers is essential for effective planning and execution of cleaning campaigns.

In conclusion, the NMC’s early initiation of the river cleaning campaign underscores a proactive approach to ensure the city’s preparedness for the upcoming monsoon. By deploying machines, manpower, and conducting extensive canal cleaning, the NMC aims to mitigate the risks associated with heavy rainfall. This strategic endeavor reinforces the municipality’s commitment to safeguarding Nagpur from potential water-related challenges and fostering a resilient urban environment.

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