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No CCTV Cameras on Ram Jhula Bridge: A Roadblock in Accident Probe

In the aftermath of a tragic accident that claimed the lives of two young men, the investigation by Tehsil police is encountering significant challenges due to the absence of CCTV cameras on the Ram Jhula bridge. This absence is proving to be a hurdle in piecing together crucial details surrounding the incident.

The Unfortunate Incident Unfolds

The incident occurred when a Mercedes collided with a scooter early one Sunday morning. Unfortunately, the lack of surveillance on the Ram Jhula bridge has left investigators with limited options. The CCTV cameras, positioned near the bridge on a shrine, failed to capture the accident, leaving the authorities reliant on eyewitness accounts from bikers and scooterists traveling in the opposite direction.

Gathering Evidence Amidst Challenges

The investigation team, headed by Senior Inspector Sandeep Buwa, faces the arduous task of relying solely on firsthand accounts. Attempts to gather footage from alternative CCTV cameras are underway to ascertain the speed of both the car and the scooter involved.

Rumors and Allegations Surrounding the Case

As the probe gains attention, rumors circulate, particularly regarding the discovery of liquor bottles in the seized Mercedes. Questions arise about the women involved in the incident being allowed to leave the scene, leading to concerns about potential bias. Senior Inspector Buwa acknowledges the challenges, stating that numerous allegations and theories are diverting focus and necessitating thorough verification.

With charges filed against Ritika Maloo alias Ritu, the alleged driver, and her co-passenger Madhuri Sarda, the investigation faces legal complexities. The application of the bailable Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) resulted in Ritika’s prompt release on bail. Meanwhile, Madhuri, although not arrested, has been served a notice following Supreme Court guidelines.

Speculations and Forensic Examination

Speculation surrounding the conduct of the driver and her co-passenger prompts the collection of blood samples. These samples are sent to the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory (RFSL) for analysis, with the results eagerly awaited.

The Impact on Justice for the Deceased

Despite the challenges, the Tehsil police are determined to create a watertight case to ensure justice for the untimely demise of Mohd Hussain Mustafa and Mohd Ateef. Senior Inspector Buwa emphasizes the commitment to overcome distractions caused by allegations and theories that may be exploited during the trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why couldn’t CCTV cameras capture the accident on Ram Jhula bridge?
    • The cameras’ position near a shrine did not cover the incident, leaving investigators reliant on eyewitness accounts.
  2. What challenges does the investigation face due to allegations and rumors?
    • Allegations and rumors divert focus, requiring thorough verification and potentially weakening the case during trial.
  3. Why was Ritika released on bail despite the severity of the charges?
    • The application of bailable Section 304A of the IPC allowed Ritika’s swift release, posing legal challenges for the investigation.
  4. What actions were taken against Madhuri Sarda in connection with the accident?
    • Madhuri was not arrested but served a notice in line with the latest Supreme Court guidelines.
  5. What forensic steps are being taken in the investigation?
    • Blood samples from the women involved have been sent to the RFSL, awaiting results crucial to the case.
  6. How determined is the police to ensure justice for the deceased?
    • Despite challenges, the Tehsil police are committed to building a strong case to secure justice for the two young victims.

The absence of CCTV cameras on Ram Jhula bridge proves to be a significant challenge in the investigation of the tragic accident. The Tehsil police, facing hurdles and distractions, remain steadfast in their pursuit of justice for the families affected by the untimely demise of Mustafa and Ateef.

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