Plots allocated to existing MSME units at MIDC: COSIA

Chamber of Small Industry Associations(COSIA), Vidarbha Chapter requested the allocation of parcels for expansion to existing MSME units in MIDC areas on a priority basis in the Memorandum of Issues on Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises submitted to Shri Ashok Dharmadhikari, Jt Director of Industries, Nagpur, which was also set up by Mr. Sanjeev Kumar in the District Level Coordinating Committee(DLCC),

The Memorandum stated that existing industries, which have been established for so many years and need to expand their activity with the need for small pieces of land in their area, have either been denied or their application retained or primarily rejected or are requested to move to another area where they have been entertained as allocations for new proposals with enormous land requirements

The only matter related to MIDC for Minimum 40% BCC Requirement For New Allottees was discussed. While MIDC granted a stay and exempted the old allottees from that clause, COSIA urged the authorities to consider the new cases on the basis of the type of industry rather than requiring all the occupants to comply with that clause, since the industrial requirement of construction differs from that of the building. In the case of heavy manufacturing industries, open space is needed to carry out their manufacturing activities in open space. There are industries that need open space for convenience to store their heavy and bulky raw material/finished goods in open space.

The issue of garbage disposal in the MIDC region was also highlighted in the memorandum, since the MIDC areas in Hingna, Butibori, Kalmeshwar and other parts of Vidarbha are deprived of regular garbage disposal and cleanliness, while industry regularly pays MIDC maintenance fees and Gram Panchayat taxes as well. All authorities shift responsibility on each other’s shoulders & the environment remains unclean & unhygienic.

In addition, the drainage system in MIDC areas in this region has an ancient Soak Pit system that needs to be replaced with a drainage pipe system to avoid barbaric scavenging of humans.

The memorandum demanded that ESIS Hospital in Hingna and Butibori Industrial Area Industrial Areas be pending for a long time, but the demand has not been met so far. Also, the basic amenities in Kalmeshwar Industries Areas are long pending & supply of basic amenities such as state transportation bus facilities for employees working in Kalmeshwar Industries City, Parking Area, CCTV Camera at prominent locations and daily 24×7 water supply must be introduced on a top priority basis.

Bye Pass Road on Central MIDC Road connecting Wadi & Hingna MIDC area needs to be made operational on a warfare basis as Wadi and Hingna Industrial commuters are currently using the main Ambazari-Hingna road to enter their respective regions. It road has heavy traffic movement due to the presence of schools, colleges and hospitals all along its path and the passing of this route by Metro Rail will further aggravate the traffic problem on this route in the future.

To address this serious problem there is a by-pass road on the Central MIDC road connecting the industrial area of Hingna and Wadi, only a small patch of 3000 sq.mtrs (12025 meters) of this road is currently in the possession of Ordinance Factory, Ambazari. This is an earlier portion of Railway Track used by O.F. Now it is of no use to them and the whole stretch of the balance has already been turned over to N.M.C., only this small patch remains with them for lack of proper O.F. approach/negotiation. And authority to the MIDC.

CETP in MIDC Hingna Area is part of the development of infrastructure that MIDC is carrying out in the newly developed industrial area, Hingna MIDC Area, which is one of the oldest and most important industrial areas of the state. CETP has become a basic necessity for any industrial area over a period of time and it is really necessary for MIDC Hingna.

Employers are required to deduct professional tax above 10,000/-per month from the employees ‘ salary draw. In the current scenario, even an unskilled worker’s minimum wages are more than 10,000/-per month. That means workers on pay are all required to pay a professional tax of 150/-per month. For industries, this is not only cumbersome but also anti-labor. This is a long-overdue concern that needs to be addressed urgently, the memorandum said.

Mr. Mayank Shukla & CA Julfesh Shah submitted the memorandum and urged the authorities to take immediate action to address these important industry issues. Also present was Shri. G.O.Bharti, GM DIC.

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