PMI Electro Mobility Options Resumes Electric Bus Deliveries After Recovery Notice

In a remarkable turn of events, PMI Electro Mobility Options, the Haryana-based electric bus manufacturer, has initiated the long-awaited delivery of electric buses to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). This comes after a recovery notice was issued, demanding fines for a seven-month delay. Suresh Bagle, the Deputy Commissioner and Transport Director, disclosed that the company responded to the notice by committing to deliver seven electric buses weekly, aiming to meet the target of 144 buses by March.

Recovery Notice Spurs Action

Bagle emphasized that failure to adhere to the March deadline would result in severe fines. NMC has already received 29 electric buses out of the initially agreed-upon 44, with the company falling short of its commitment by October last year. The contractual terms empower NMC to impose fines of Rs 12,000 per day for each delayed electric bus (Electric Bus Nagpur), constituting 0.1% of the Rs 12 crore bank guarantee, enforceable by NMC officials.

Contractual Obligations and Financial Allocations

The 2022 contract between NMC and PMI involved the delivery of 144 air-conditioned electric buses, supported by a Rs 72 crore allocation from the 15th Finance Commission. In addition to delivering and operating the buses, PMI is tasked with constructing a central charging station in Wathoda.

Lagging Behind Schedule

Despite the integration of 29 buses into NMC’s Aapli bus fleet, which spans 191 routes and consists of 450 buses, the company has yet to fulfill its commitments. According to the agreement, PMI was slated to deliver 14 buses in August, followed by 10 in September. Subsequent phases included 20 buses in October, 30 in November, and a final batch of 60 buses in December of the previous year.

Aapli Bus Service Impact

The delays prompted NMC to issue a notice in August last year, signaling discontent. Aapli Bus service, covering 191 routes with an average daily ridership of 1.44 lakh passengers, generates approximately Rs 25 lakh in daily income on weekdays.

In this electrifying saga, PMI Electro Mobility Options is back on track, racing against time to meet its commitments and regain the trust of Nagpur’s commuters. The resumption of deliveries marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a greener and more sustainable public transportation system.

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