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Drunk Lady Doc Hurls Booze Bottles in Nagpur Pub

Pub braw: In the heart of Nagpur, a seemingly ordinary Saturday night took a bizarre turn when a trio, comprising a 30-year-old woman doctor named Simran, her sister Tanya, a 28-year-old law aspirant, and their friend Shubham Singh, unleashed havoc at an upscale pub. What began as a routine night out quickly escalated into a wild pub brawl, complete with beer bottles flying, abuses hurled, and a confrontation with law enforcement.

The Fateful Night Unveiled (Pub braw)

The trio embarked on their ‘Saturday Night’ bash with gusto, indulging in a bit too much revelry. Trouble brewed when Simran found herself entangled in a heated altercation with Shubham. In a moment of rage, she flung a beer bottle at him, missing its mark but inadvertently striking a woman bouncer and injuring a fellow colleague in the process.

A Tale of Excessive Alcohol and Chaos

The sequence of events unfolded with the trio creating a ruckus, engaging in altercations with other patrons, and finally, resorting to assaulting bouncers with beer bottles. Senior Police Inspector Vinayak Golhe recounted the night, emphasizing the trio’s excessive alcohol consumption and disruptive behavior, leading to their expulsion from the premises (Pub braw).

Clash with Law Enforcement

As the trio was escorted out, Tanya directed her abuses towards the security personnel, further escalating the situation. Swift police action ensued, resulting in the detention of Simran, Tanya, and Shubham. Additional charges, including obstructing government employees from discharging duty under Section 186 IPC, were filed against them.

Subsequent medical examinations led to their official arrest, though they were later released on bail. Notably, the pub owner faced legal repercussions for violating the 1:30 am deadline for pubs, shedding light on a recurring issue in the city’s nightlife scene.

Ongoing Challenges in Pub Safety

This incident echoes previous instances of pub violence, including an attack on a bouncer at the same establishment in November. Despite guidelines issued by the then police commissioner Amitesh Kumar following an embarrassing strip act, some establishments persist in flouting regulations, compromising the safety of patrons and staff alike.

Conclusion: A Night Gone Awry

In the aftermath of this tumultuous night, it becomes imperative to address the challenges within the nightlife industry, emphasizing the need for stricter adherence to regulations. The safety and well-being of patrons should remain a priority, with the hope that such incidents prompt a collective effort to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for all.


As of now, the trio has been released on bail, and legal proceedings are likely to unfold in the coming weeks.

2. How can pub owners ensure compliance with closing time regulations?

Pub owners should rigorously enforce closing time guidelines, implement effective security measures, and cooperate with law enforcement.

3. What actions can be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future?

Enhanced security protocols, customer education on responsible drinking, and strict enforcement of rules can contribute to preventing such incidents.

4. Has there been any response from the local authorities regarding the pub’s violations?

The police have taken action against the pub owner for violating closing time regulations, highlighting the importance of adherence to established guidelines.

5. What role can the community play in promoting pub safety?

Community members can actively engage in promoting responsible behavior, report disturbances promptly, and support initiatives that ensure a secure pub environment.

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