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Remember whoever drives slower than you is not an idiot.Nagpurians be alert while driving!

Image result for drives nagpurHow safe is traffic throughout the Nagpur city? Every day, the town witnesses major accidents. Behind such a depressing fact, young people are responsible for a large number of road accident casualties. Figures also highlight a lack of sense of traffic of many Nagpurians. It is worrying that traffic breaches are on the surge. This is the sign of poor execution of rules of the road and a complete lack of discipline amongst urban road users. It is a trend that many Indians adopt, we believe in chucking shorter distance safety belts and helmets and stating, “Itna To Chalta Hai” One of our specialties is driving in the wrong ways. So, if you’re one of those too, this ministry’s recent evidence will cause you to reconsider your sloppy behaviors.

Accidents by road in India-2017. According to a survey, in 2017, more than 70 percent of fatal road crashes affected people in the 18-45 age group. The report by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said that as many as 1,47 lakh people died on Indian roads in 4,64 lakh accidents recorded during 2017.

We all know that even after frequent challans and alerts, several people riding two-wheelers don’t wear helmets. Mobile devices are the most cherished friend that we have in this century. Yet, just as these apps keep us connected, when driving they often serve as the biggest diversion. Technology has definitely made things easier for us, but it is also our duty not to engage on mobile’s while driving.

It has been observed that today’s youth listen to music while they drive and wear headphones which sometimes leads to accidents. Lanes split the traffic by speed variance making it easier to keep a steady flow on the paths. Not concerning the lane discipline, you and your fellow drivers on the road make driving extremely dangerous for both.

State Government, is seeking to warn drivers about the negative effects of driving under alcohol or drug influence. Driving under such a state of mind increases the risk of an accident with ten folds making it one of the most deadly practices on the roads.

It’s the most frequent misuse of on-road features by drivers. The high beam is intended to give greater visibility while driving during the night. Try to ensure you only use high beams on one way or alert your fellow drivers at night by dipper.

It is one of the leading causes of on-road disorder. Not observing the stoplight makes it difficult for officials to improve traffic flow, and you become vulnerable to a deadly crash.
These were just a few stuff drivers on roads are doing poorly. The safest bet for staying safe when driving is to follow the good works and make travel to our roads convenient.

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