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City’s Rita Aggarwal Among World’s Six Chosen for Rotary International Award

Recognizing Impact: Wellness in a Box Initiative Takes Global Stage

Rotary International award: In a significant global acknowledgment, Rotary International has selected the ‘Wellness in a Box’ initiative, spearheaded by Rita Aggarwal, a renowned psychologist in the city. This remarkable project, affiliated with Rotary Club District 3030, has been chosen for the prestigious ‘Rotary People of Action: Champions of Impact’ award. Aggarwal stands among the six distinguished Rotarians globally, celebrated for their transformative initiatives addressing societal challenges.

Pioneering Mental Health Advocacy

Rita Aggarwal’s dedication to addressing stress and mental health issues among school children has earned her a spot in the global limelight. Simultaneously, her initiative for mental health literacy in India has been unanimously recognized for the international award. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place during the Rotary International convention in Singapore this May, as disclosed by Aggarwal in a conversation with ‘The Hitavada.’

Wellness in a Box: Transforming Lives Since 1992

Rita Aggarwal, serving as the Project Chair for ‘Wellness in a Box,’ has devoted herself to the mental health needs of young students since 1992. The initiative has provided crucial support to students displaying signs of anxiety, depression, and other psychological challenges. This Rotary-backed program has played a pivotal role in helping them effectively navigate their struggles.

The Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group

Wellness in a Box’ operates under The Mental Health Initiatives Rotary Action Group, introducing curriculums designed for 14-year-olds to enhance awareness of depression. Simultaneously, the program addresses the stigma surrounding mental health, still prevalent in Indian society. Teachers receive counseling skills training, and fieldwork facilitation sites have been established to broaden the impact.

Changing Mindsets and Breaking Stigmas

The primary goal of the ‘Wellness in a Box’ project is to revolutionize existing mindsets by creating awareness and developing a curriculum for training students, parents, and teachers. The aim is to counteract the stigma enveloping mental health. To date, over 2,200 students and 2,000 parents and faculty members have undergone the ‘Break Free from Depression’ curriculum, contributing to a significant positive change.

Acknowledging Team Effort and Strengthening Initiatives

Aggarwal attributes the success of the program to her entire team, emphasizing that the award announcement will further fortify the ‘Wellness in Box’ initiative at the grassroots level. Gordon R McInally, Rotary International President, commended the six globally recognized Rotarians for their unique initiatives, impacting lives at various levels.

Investing in Mental Health and a Prosperous Future

Rotary International, committed to delivering impactful and lasting solutions to pressing humanitarian challenges, recognizes volunteers addressing mental health issues and supporting indigenous youth economic opportunities. In India, where nearly 50 million children suffer from mental disorders, initiatives like ‘Wellness in a Box’ play a vital role in creating positive change.

Conclusion: A Commitment to a Better Future

As Rotary International continues its commitment, exceeding a one-year horizon, the recognition of Aggarwal’s ‘Wellness in a Box’ highlights the organization’s values ingrained in promoting mental health and environmental initiatives. This investment upholds human rights and promises a more equitable and prosperous future.


  1. Q: How many projects were shortlisted for the ‘Rotary People of Action: Champions of Impact’ award?
    • A: Six projects, including ‘Wellness in a Box,’ were shortlisted globally.
  2. Q: What is the primary objective of the ‘Wellness in a Box’ initiative?
  3. Q: How many students and parents have benefited from the ‘Break Free from Depression’ curriculum?
    • A: Over 2,200 students and 2,000 parents and faculty members have been positively impacted.
  4. Q: When and where will the Rotary International convention take place?
    • A: The convention is scheduled for May in Singapore, as announced by Rita Aggarwal.
  5. Q: What is the focus of Rotary International’s recognition for volunteers in India?
    • A: The recognition is for volunteers addressing mental health issues and assisting indigenous young people in increasing their economic opportunities.

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