Smart Electricity Meters to Light Up Nagpur from March


In a groundbreaking move, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) is gearing up to unveil a transformative initiative – prepaid smart electricity meters in Nagpur, commencing March. This progressive step aligns with the Central Government’s Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS) and falls under the umbrella of the ‘Smart Meter National Programme’ nationwide.

Survey and Installation Buzz in Nagpur

An official from MSEDCL disclosed that a private firm has kickstarted a comprehensive survey, laying the groundwork for the installation of these cutting-edge smart meters in Nagpur. Currently, the installation process is in full swing at critical locations like sub-stations, feeders, and crossover points, with an impressive 50% completion rate. Residents of Nagpur can anticipate the arrival of these smart meters starting in March, marking a pivotal shift in the city’s energy landscape.

The Ambitious Project Scope

The ambitious project aims to deploy over 57 lakh smart prepaid meters exclusively in the Nagpur region. These meters boast a unique feature – an automatic power supply cutoff upon depletion of the recharge amount, promising efficient energy consumption and resource optimization.

Budget Allocation and Tender Process Under RDSS

Under the RDSS, the Central Government has allocated a whopping budget of Rs 15,000 crore for smart meter implementation across Nagpur, Pune, Aurangabad, and the Konkan region of MSEDCL. Tenders were diligently floated to appoint Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) service providers for this monumental project.

Phased Approach to Implementation

The official shed light on the phased implementation strategy. In the initial phase, smart and prepaid meters will be installed for customers experiencing more than 15% technical and commercial losses. The subsequent phase will focus on areas where power losses are below 15%. This strategic approach ensures a systematic rollout tailored to the unique needs of different regions.

Smart Meters: A Technological Marvel

Highlighting the game-changing benefits, the official emphasized that these smart meters will be seamlessly linked to a dedicated mobile application. This connectivity empowers users to monitor their power consumption in real-time, fostering a sense of control and awareness.

Automated Disconnection for Efficiency

The automated disconnection feature, triggered after the recharge amount is exhausted, is poised to curtail pending power bills and act as a deterrent against power theft. Drawing inspiration from successful implementations in foreign countries, the official expressed confidence that this technology will streamline processes, offer transparency to consumers, and elevate the overall power distribution system.

Contract Awards and Stakeholders

In September 2023, MSEDCL awarded a total of six tenders for smart meter installations. The Adani Group secured two contracts, NCC Limited secured two, while Montecarlo Limited and Genus Power Infrastructures Limited each clinched one contract.

Installation of Smart Electricity Meters in Nagpur from March

As Nagpur gears up for a technological revolution, the installation of smart electricity meters from March promises not just efficient power usage but also a leap into a future where consumers are empowered with real-time insights and control over their energy consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the purpose of introducing smart electricity meters in Nagpur?

Smart electricity meters are being introduced to revolutionize power consumption, enhance efficiency, and reduce technical and commercial losses.

2. How will the automated disconnection feature benefit consumers?

The automated disconnection feature, triggered upon recharge depletion, aims to reduce pending power bills and deter power theft, contributing to better revenue collection.

3. How does the phased implementation strategy work?

In the first phase, smart and prepaid meters will target areas with more than 15% losses, followed by areas with losses below 15% in the second phase.

4. How can users monitor their power consumption with smart meters?

Smart meters will be linked to a mobile application, allowing users to monitor their power consumption online in real-time.

5. Are smart meters a new technology?

Smart meters are not entirely new; they have been successfully employed in foreign countries and are expected to streamline processes in Nagpur.

6. Who are the major stakeholders in the installation process?

Companies like Adani Group, NCC Limited, Montecarlo Limited, and Genus Power Infrastructures Limited have secured tenders for the installation of smart meters in Nagpur.


As Nagpur embraces the future of energy consumption with the installation of smart electricity meters from March, this revolutionary project is poised to enhance efficiency, reduce losses, and empower consumers with unprecedented control over their power usage. The strategic phased approach, coupled with advanced technology, sets the stage for a brighter and more sustainable energy landscape in Nagpur and beyond.

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