SSC examination: Navigating Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

The much-anticipated Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, orchestrated by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, kicks off today. As students gear up for this academic milestone, a slew of logistical considerations and unique provisions promise an eventful examination period.

Traffic Tactics: A 40-Minute Head Start

In light of ongoing construction-induced traffic disruptions, a plea echoes from the traffic cops to our diligent examinees – embark on your journey 40 minutes ahead of schedule. Shashikant Satav, DCP (Traffic), assures special arrangements and a police presence near major examination hubs to ease the commute for students and parents alike.

Exam Logistics: Numbers and Navigations

A staggering 1,55,028 students are set to engage in this academic rite across 676 designated centers. This examination season extends till March 26, offering examinees an additional 10 minutes post-exam to review their answer sheets. Chintaman Wanjari, Nagpur Divisional Board Chairman, delineates specific arrival times based on examination sessions to maintain order.

Vigilance Against Malpractice: A Zero-Tolerance Stance

In the quest for a fair and transparent examination process, the Education Department has empowered District Collectors to ensure an error-free and copy-free environment. A stern warning reverberates – any instance of mass copying or unfair means will result in stringent action against the responsible parties, be it Center Heads, Head Masters, or teachers.

Guardians of Integrity: District Collectors Take the Helm

Under the leadership of Dr. Vipin Itankar, District Collector, a proactive approach is adopted to curb malpractice. Surprise visits by District Collectors and the Chief Executive Officer are on the horizon, supplemented by anticipated inspections from Board members and government officials. Proximity restrictions on Xerox centers aim to thwart any nefarious attempts at question paper circulation.

Mental Health Support: A Compassionate Touch

Acknowledging the stress students undergo during examinations, the Board introduces a mental health support system. Ten dedicated counsellors stand ready to guide students through challenging moments. However, it’s emphasized that inquiries regarding examination logistics should be directed to official channels rather than the counsellors.

As the SSC examination unfolds, a confluence of measures seeks to ensure a smooth and fair process. From traffic management to vigilant oversight, the ecosystem is designed to support our examinees and maintain the integrity of the evaluation.


  1. Q: Can I contact the counselors for examination details? A: No, counselors are available for emotional support only. For examination details, refer to the official Board website (Maharashtra Board).
  2. Q: What happens if I arrive late to the examination center? A: Students arriving after the distribution of question papers will not be allowed to enter the examination center.
  3. Q: How long is the additional time provided post-exam? A: Examinees can stay until 2.10 pm to review their answer sheets if the examination concludes at 2 pm.
  4. Q: Are there restrictions on nearby Xerox centers during the exams? A: Yes, Xerox centers within 100 meters of examination centers are prohibited from functioning to prevent any malpractice attempts.
  5. Q: What action will be taken against those responsible for malpractice? A: Center Heads, Head Masters, or teachers found responsible for mass copying or unfair means will face strict consequences.

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