Surge in demand for popular immunity booster medicines

Nagpur: Doctors emphasize strong immunity as the primary protection against coronavirus. Most in the town is on a spree to buy famous immunity booster medicines, according to the advice.

If it’s shilajit and ashwagandha, gulveland amla in Ayurveda or fancy nutritional supplements available in modern medicine— medical stores are growing demand for such immunity boosters.

“People want to keep fit and to improve their immunity. Some ask for rising immunity boosters such as chyawanprash. Many ask for mahasudarshan kadha, gilol vati, and other medicines of this nature, “Sudarshan Sharma, owner of an Ayurvedic medicine shop said.

Senior citizens with poor immune systems are the most vulnerable to Covid-19, indicating deaths worldwide due to the infection. The majority of senior citizens in India favor ayurvedic treatments to improve their body system.

“Shatavari kalp, balapushti powder and almond powder are highly in demand,” said Ambarish Ghatate, an Ayurvedic herbal grower and supplier of ayurvedic medicines. “The Panchakarma is in demand, too. It means toxins are vomiting out of the body and it’s having enough strength to cope with infections, “he said.

Homeopathic medication based on the genus disease concept is being marketed and is being requested by many at homeopathic medicine stores. “The immuno-booster homeopathy is in great demand. Most practitioners give it at their clinics for free, “said Satish Awate, the city’s medicine shop director.

“Homeopathic medicines help develop immunity, but that doesn’t mean you’re free of coronavirus. We have to obey the limitations, social isolation and all the government’s rules and regulations to keep us safe from the virus, “said Dr Manish Patil, president of the Orange City Homeopaths Association (OCHA).

Because vitamin C is considered a great booster of immunity, demand for oranges, almonds, and lemons has also increased. “Organic oranges grown on our farm are comparatively more costly, and we do not get a lot of local buyers. Yet three consignments were easily sold in the local market on demand this year, “said Madhavi Deshpande who owns an organic farm.

Dietitians said eating whole fruits could be beneficial in building immunity, rather than juice.

What doctors say There’s nothing wrong with taking immunity boosters But pure medicines won’t do the magic Preserving health with regular exercise, dietary restrictions, healthy lifestyle is crucial sudden weather changes, thundershowers can trigger flu-like symptoms Keeping yourself well hydrated is also an effective way to improve the immune system B-vitamins, zinc and high doses of vitamin C

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