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Trouble on the Road: High Court Directs DCP Traffic to Tackle Traffic Woes in Nagpur


In a recent development, the Nagpur Bench of the Bombay High Court has summoned Shashikant Satav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Traffic, to address the alarming issue of motorists in Nagpur driving in the wrong direction and disregarding traffic signals. This directive came during a hearing presided over by Justice Nitin Sambre and Justice Abhay Mantri.

High Court directs DCP Traffic to take action

The High Court, concerned about the persisting traffic chaos despite the installation of rumble strips on the Dabha-Gorewada Ring Road, has instructed DCP Satav to provide a detailed plan of action within two weeks. The court had previously directed him to appear in person during the seventh hearing due to the ongoing issue of speeding vehicles.

Ineffectiveness of Rumble Strips

During the last hearing, the petitioner highlighted the ineffectiveness of the rumble strips on the Ring Road, as two-wheelers and four-wheelers continued to speed, with some even driving in the wrong direction. Responding to these concerns, the High Court took a firm stand, instructing the DCP Traffic (Shashikant Satav) to attend the hearing and address the persistent problem.

The Urgent Need for Safety Measures

In an attempt to curb the rising number of fatal accidents, Sandeep Badana, through a public interest litigation (PIL), advocated for the installation of rumble strips on the Dabha-Gorewada Ring Road. The petitioner, armed with information obtained through the Right to Information (RTI) Act, revealed that 247 accidents occurred on the stretch in Gittikhadan over the last four years, resulting in 42 fatalities and 67 serious injuries.

Impact on Residential Areas and Schools

Data obtained from NIT under the RTI Act disclosed the construction of 374 residential building schemes in the Dabha-Gorewada area of Gittikhadan between 2017 and 2022. Additionally, the area hosts three major schools, contributing to a significant influx of students along the Dabha-Gorewada Ring Road. Given these findings, the petitioner stressed the importance of installing rumble strips to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of residents and students alike.

Advocate Sandeep Badana presented the case, highlighting the urgency of the situation, while Advocate Amit Madiwale represented the State’s interests. Advocate Girish Kunte argued on behalf of NIT, emphasizing the need for proactive measures to address the growing concerns surrounding road safety.

FAQs: Clearing the Air on Traffic Nagpur

1. What prompted the High Court’s intervention in Nagpur’s traffic issues?

The High Court stepped in due to the persistent problem of motorists driving recklessly and violating traffic rules, especially on the Dabha-Gorewada Ring Road.

2. Why did the petitioner advocate for rumble strips?

Sandeep Badana, through a PIL, pushed for rumble strips as a preventive measure against the rising number of fatal accidents on the Ring Road.

3. What information did the petitioner obtain through the RTI Act?

The petitioner revealed that 247 accidents occurred on the Ring Road in Gittikhadan, resulting in 42 fatalities and 67 serious injuries over the last four years.

4. How has the construction in the Dabha-Gorewada area contributed to the problem?

Data from the RTI Act showed the construction of 374 residential building schemes between 2017 and 2022, creating increased traffic, especially with the presence of three major schools in the area.

5. Who represented the State’s interests during the hearing?

Advocate Amit Madiwale took on the role of representing the State, emphasizing the importance of balancing safety measures with practical considerations.

6. What role did NIT play in the proceedings?

Advocate Girish Kunte, representing NIT, highlighted the need for proactive measures to address the growing concerns surrounding road safety, aligning with the broader community’s interests.


The High Court’s directive to DCP Shashikant Satav reflects a concerted effort to address the pressing issue of traffic mismanagement in Nagpur. As stakeholders continue to advocate for safety measures, the hope is that proactive steps will be taken to ensure the well-being of both residents and commuters navigating the challenging road conditions. Only time will tell if the proposed solutions can effectively curb the rising tide of accidents in the city.

Don’t let traffic chaos rule Nagpur’s roads. Stay tuned for updates as the High Court takes charge to bring order to the bustling city.

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