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Vexing Vidarbha: Hailstorm Havoc Hits Harvests

Vidarbha, known for its serene landscapes, bore the brunt of nature’s fury as a sudden hailstorm, accompanied by gusty winds and light showers, wreaked havoc on Sunday. Nagpur, the prominent city in the region, along with several talukas, witnessed extensive crop damage, sending distress waves through the agricultural community.

In an unusual turn of weather events, Gadchiroli, Nagpur, Amravati, Chandrapur, and Wardha districts found themselves in the grip of strong winds and a relentless hailstorm. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) promptly issued a ‘yellow alert’ for Vidarbha, cautioning residents about the adverse conditions persisting on Sunday and Monday.

Meteorological Melody

A seasoned meteorologist shed light on the situation, stating, “The likelihood of hailstorm accompanied by light rains persists in some parts of Vidarbha on Monday. Despite being a common occurrence during the winter season, such events have seen a slight reduction in frequency over the past few years.” The meteorologist forecasted cloudy weather prevailing until February 15, followed by a gradual increase in temperatures.

Local Impact

Nagpur district bore witness to the intensity of the storm, with Kamptee, Katol, Kuhi, Umred, and Saoner talukas facing the brunt of the hailstorm and strong winds on Sunday. Urban areas like Sakkardara, Cotton Market, Zingabai Takli, and Pardi reported instances of uprooted trees, adding to the aftermath of the severe weather. Fortunately, no reports of loss to life or property emerged, offering a silver lining amid the agricultural setbacks.

Agricultural Setback

The farmers in Vidarbha woke up to a disheartening scene, discovering crop losses due to the hailstorm that struck around 1:45 am on Sunday. The impact, though not fatal, is significant, affecting farmlands across all talukas in the region. The cloudy weather persisted throughout the day, preventing major fluctuations in daytime temperatures while witnessing a slight rise in minimum temperatures across Vidarbha.

Temperature Tale

Washim recorded the highest maximum temperature at 34.6 degrees Celsius, closely followed by Akola at 34.2 degrees Celsius. Buldhana, Yavatmal, Amravati, Gadchiroli, Bramhapuri, Chandrapur, Wardha, and Nagpur all experienced maximum temperatures surpassing the 30-degree mark. Gondia, on the other hand, recorded the lowest maximum temperature at 28.9 degrees Celsius.

Chilling Numbers

Chandrapur reported the lowest minimum temperature at 16.4 degrees Celsius, while Akola registered the highest minimum temperature at 20.3 degrees Celsius on Sunday. Several places across Vidarbha witnessed minimum temperatures dipping below the 20-degree Celsius mark, highlighting the chilling effect of the hailstorm.

In conclusion, Vidarbha faces the aftermath of an unexpected weather event, with agricultural losses serving as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of nature. As residents recover from the recent weather onslaught, the focus shifts towards rebuilding and preparing for potential future challenges in this resilient region.

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