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Vidarbha 28th, the same day and night!

Every year, September 23 and March 21 is known as the Equinox. Both these days, the sun is on the equator. So day and night are the same on earth. In the northern and southern hemispheres, however, the same day and night varies. Astrophysicist Suresh Chopte claims that this situation occurs in Vidarbha around September 28. The axis of rotation of the earth is rotated by about 23.5 degrees with respect to the volume of its orbit. So its northern or southern hemisphere is less inclined toward the sun. This makes the earth day and night smaller and larger. The seasons arise. Also, the sun’s passing and the sun’s down. This happens twice a year, on the 22 of December and the 21 of June. This condition depends on the location of the place, especially the axis, day and night. This difference may be less than a few weeks, depending on the axial location. Day and night equal day and night on the 23 of September. The general public feels that we have the same day and night on September 23, March 21. However, scientific experiments and experiments can solve this. Thinking about Vidarbha, the situation is ready after five days, he said.

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Where are the same day and night, when?

Northern Hemisphere

– 15 Latitude: September 30 (India)

– 20 Latitude: 28 September

– 30 Latitude: September 30

Southern hemisphere

15 Latitude: 14 September

20 Latitude: 16 September

30 Latitude: 18 September

Cold start in Vidarbha!

Earth’s distance from the sun increases after the equinox. The temperature changes as the climate changes. The results have been showing for the past two days. The temperature in Vidarbha has changed with the onset of a cold. The return journey of rain has also begun. Chopte has said that the first week of October will stop the rain and increase the cold. Animals already crave this day. He also confirmed that they were making changes in their standard of living accordingly.

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