Wisely minimizing waste is the need of the hour

Nagpur updates: The environmental disparity is primarily due to the lack of concrete steps to tackle the head-on waste issue.

Recently, the Rotary Club of Nagpur Center (RCNC) and the Rotary Club of Nagpur Green City (RCNG) at the Institute of Engineers India (IEI) arranged a special lecture to spread awareness to save the globe. Expert Makarand Pandhripande talked at length about how the planet is being polluted by plastic waste, e-waste, and solid waste new by nagpur updates

“We will say no to plastic everyone. Plastic not prohibited and approved for use should be properly disposed of and provided for recycling. The use of plastic substitutes, such as steel bottles, paper or cloth bags, will bring about a change. Not using disposable products but also biodegradable cutlery can be an enormous helping hand, “Makarand said.

he said it could be saved if everyone starts disposing of it at the right place instead of the general dump yard. India is turning itself into a country with low e-waste. Service centers’ were built in which only electronic content is recycled without harming the environment. Scientific disposal will make things worse, Makarand said.

Before Makarand’s presentation, Rotarian Shyam Pandharipande gave a welcome message. “This growing waste management initiative is very vast and needs support from all the organizations, residents and revolving clubs. In order to curb that waste that is becoming a threat to the environment, it is the responsibility of each individual to take small steps to reach the desired destination.

“Anchor Ketki Salankar said,” Anything that can not be reused, recycled or refurbished should be restricted from the redesign. “Speaking on plastics and solid waste issues, Makarand said,” Wet and dry waste segregation should be restricted. If each person begins this operation then a very big change can be seen over a period of time.

“President of the Association of Vidarbha Plastic Industries, Rakesh Surana, explained the position of NGOs and diverse organizations. “Awareness is the answer and is a must to educate people. Not littering roads, proper recycling of garbage in bins, and segregation of waste will help bring about a change. “The lecture was highly appreciated by the audience and by all the dignitaries present on and off the dais.

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