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Aapli Buses Face poor maintenance is now facing NMC’s frustration

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Public transport has always had a problem with the City. With the advent of Aapli Buses on the roads, however, there seemed to have come in many ways as a ray of hope as they catered for the growing need of the same. It seems, however, that the Aapli Buses are also facing a bad time in supplying them with proper maintenance. The shabby roads and poor bus maintenance appear to have made the operators face the irritation of Nagpur’s civic body–the NMC.

Given the condition of the buses, it seems that the Aapli buses are faltering on the maintenance aspect that made the NMC charge the Rs 15 lakh fine. At the same time, the two lakhs were also levied on the group called DIMTS for failing to make sure the city busses are kept in the proper order just to have a good time for the people. The buses acted in accordance with Narendra Borkar, Chairperson, Department of Transport, NMC’s directives.

Together with the other civic officials, he carried out the inspections of city buses as well as enforcing the huge fines on the operators that helped to ensure that the buses that are seen are kept in the right condition. Many vulnerabilities came to the attention of last Friday’s checks and balances. The fines were levied for violation of the terms of the contract. We also experienced a major set of backs with inadequate bus maintenance, including major damage that would require heavy repairs.


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