Kapoor and Mahadevan Unite for Akshaya Patra in Nagpur

In a heartwarming collaboration, Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest mid-day meal program for schools, joined forces with Share Our Strength to inaugurate a new kitchen in Nagpur. This initiative, set to commence operations in June this year, aims to provide nutritious meals to 5,000 school children, with a vision to reach 15,000 beneficiaries in the next three years.

The Fundraising Extravaganza at Kaviguru Kalidas Auditorium

During a recent fundraising event at the Kaviguru Kalidas Auditorium, Shridhar Venkat, the head of Akshaya Patra, shared the inspiring news. Before the event even started, a staggering Rs80 lakh had already been donated, underlining the community’s commitment to this noble cause.

Notable Faces Supporting the Cause

Renowned music composer and singer Shankar Mahadevan, along with celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor, graced the occasion as goodwill ambassadors for Akshaya Patra, a role they have passionately held for over 15 years. The event featured a heartwarming segment titled ‘Khana aur Ganaa,’ where Kapoor personally prepared food, symbolizing gratitude, while Mahadevan enchanted the audience with his soulful singing.

Venkat’s Vision and Share Our Strength’s Commitment

Shridhar Venkat, a Nagpur native, disclosed the partnership with Share Our Strength, an American fundraising organization. This collaboration not only brings financial support but also includes a commitment to match the funds raised during the event. The synergy between these entities amplifies the impact of Akshaya Patra’s mission.

Expanding Horizons: Akshaya Patra’s Current and Future Reach

Currently serving around 2.2 million children daily, Akshaya Patra has been a beacon of hope for many. Jeetu Jodhpurkar, the managing director of Share Our Strength, announced Sameer Bendre as the new head for their operations in India, reinforcing the commitment to sustained growth.

A Call to Action: Tackling Childhood Hunger and Poverty

Jodhpurkar urged citizens to contribute generously, emphasizing the collective efforts needed to combat childhood hunger and poverty. Operating under a public-private partnership model, Akshaya Patra plays a crucial role in providing nutritious meals to children in government and government-aided schools. With over four billion meals served to date, the organization aims to achieve the 5-billion milestone by October this year.

Gadkari’s Brief But Impactful Support

Union minister for road transport and highways Nitin Gadkari, present briefly at the event, encouraged the initiative, adding his influential voice to the cause.

A Symphony of Support for Akshaya Patra

The collaboration between Akshaya Patra, Share Our Strength, and the unwavering support of influential personalities like Mahadevan, Kapoor, and Gadkari paints a hopeful picture for the future. Together, they are creating a positive impact on the lives of thousands of children, paving the way for a brighter, nourished future.

FAQs: Unveiling the Heart of Akshaya Patra

  1. How can I contribute to Akshaya Patra’s mission in Nagpur?
    • Your contributions can be made directly on the official website, where you’ll find various donation options to support their initiatives.
  2. What is the significance of Share Our Strength’s involvement?
    • Share Our Strength’s collaboration brings not just financial aid but a commitment to match funds raised, doubling the impact of your contribution.
  3. How does Akshaya Patra ensure the quality of the meals provided?
    •  operates under a stringent quality control system, ensuring that every meal meets nutritional standards before reaching the children.
  4. Can I volunteer for Akshaya Patra’s programs in Nagpur?
    • Absolutely! Akshaya Patra welcomes volunteers. Visit their website for more information on how you can get involved.
  5. What other initiatives does Akshaya Patra have besides the mid-day meal program?
    • Akshaya Patra is involved in various education and health-related initiatives, contributing to the holistic development of children.

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