Uninterrupted Water Supply: Nitin Gadkari’s Bold Promise for Nagpur

In a groundbreaking announcement, Union Minister and Lok Sabha MP Nitin Gadkari pledged 24X7 drinking water (24X7 water Supply) for the entire Nagpur city within the next seven months. This bold initiative positions Nagpur as a pioneer, with already 60%-70% of the city enjoying continuous water access, marking a significant leap in municipal services nationwide.

Transformative Water Infrastructure

Overhead Tanks Inaugurated

Gadkari Inaugurates Overhead Water Tanks in East Nagpur

Addressing water scarcity concerns, Nitin Gadkari inaugurated overhead water tanks in the east of Nagpur, a move expected to alleviate existing challenges. With a commitment to improving water infrastructure, he highlighted an investment of Rs 1300 crore for laying new water pipelines from Pench.

Repairing and Expanding

Kanhan Plant Overhaul and Water Distribution Network

The Kanhan plant underwent substantial repairs under Nitin Gadkari initiatives. Additionally, a comprehensive network of water distribution pipes is being established to ensure a more efficient and widespread supply.

Empowering Education with E-Libraries

Bhumi Puja for a Futuristic E-Library

Nitin Gadkari performed the bhumi puja for an upcoming e-library in the same assembly constituency, positioning it as a model project with benefits for all age groups. The e-library is anticipated to be a hub for diverse educational resources, catering to both youngsters and senior citizens.

Recognizing Visionary Leaders

Acknowledging Contributions: Krishna Khopde and Quality Education

Commending local MLA Krishna Khopde, Gadkari highlighted Khopde’s insistence on establishing a quality higher education institute in east Nagpur. The successful collaboration with Symbiosis to start a campus reflects the commitment to fostering educational excellence in the region.

Future Development Projects

Culinary Delight: Rs 150 Crore ‘Food Mall’ Project

Revolutionizing Culinary Experiences in Pardi

Nitin Gadkari shared plans for a Rs 150 crore ‘food mall’ project in Pardi. Emphasizing hygiene and a better environment, the project aims to provide designated spots for roadside vendors, ensuring the continued enjoyment of local snacks like paani puri and bhel.

FAQs About Nagpur’s Transformation

  1. How is Nagpur addressing water scarcity complaints?
    • Gadkari has invested Rs 1300 crore in new water pipelines and repaired the Kanhan plant, significantly improving water access.
  2. What educational benefits will the e-library bring?
    • The e-library, a model project, will cater to all age groups, offering diverse educational resources and opportunities.
  3. Who played a crucial role in establishing a higher education institute in east Nagpur?
    • Local MLA Krishna Khopde insisted on the need for a quality institute, leading to the collaboration with Symbiosis.
  4. What is the aim of the Rs 150 crore ‘food mall’ project in Pardi?
    • The project aims to provide designated spots for roadside vendors, ensuring hygiene and a better environment for enjoying local snacks.
  5. How is Mihan-SEZ contributing to job growth in Nagpur?
  6. What sets Nagpur apart in terms of water supply?
    • Nagpur is on track to become the first city in the country to achieve 24X7 drinking water access, with 60%-70% already enjoying uninterrupted supply.


Gadkari’s multifaceted approach to urban development in Nagpur reflects a commitment to addressing crucial issues and fostering growth. The city’s transformation, from water infrastructure to educational initiatives and culinary projects, positions it as a model for comprehensive urban development. As Nagpur thrives, the nation watches a city embracing progress with visionary leadership.

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