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Ambazari Dam Widening: Nod Granted to Fell 613 Trees by Maharashtra State Tree Authority

Ambazari Dam Widening Nagpur: In a recent development, the Maharashtra State Tree Authority (MSTA) has given its approval for the felling of 613 trees to facilitate the widening of Ambazari Road. This ambitious project spans from the Vivekanand Statue area to the dam, extending towards the University land near Pandhrabodi slums. The Nagpur Municipal Commissioner received the official letter granting permission for tree removal, addressing not only those that pose a threat to the dam’s embankment but also includes 60 trees with heritage status.

The Permission and Pre-existing Concerns

The permission, dated July 18, 2023, predates the flash floods that raised concerns about the safety of Ambazari Dam. MSTA, while granting approval, outlined specific conditions, raising questions about whether the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has adhered to them. The conditions set the stage for a meticulous process ensuring environmental conservation and structural safety.

State Tree Authority’s Evaluation

Given the substantial number of trees involved, NMC submitted the proposal to the State Tree Authority for assessment. The meeting held on June 16, 2023, saw detailed discussions based on NMC’s assessment, which proposes a four-laned road from the University Campus Square to Subhash Nagar junction near the statue of Swami Vivekanand.

State Government’s Swift Response

The State Government, in light of the High Court monitoring the Ambazari Dam strengthening process, swiftly sanctioned works. This decision came after citizens approached the court in the aftermath of the flash floods on September 23, 2023, causing significant damage to households. The initiatives include plugging gaps in the Naag River wall, increasing its height at certain points, and deepening the bed to enhance its carrying capacity.

MSTA’s Mandate and Directions

As outlined in the permission letter, MSTA (Maharashtra Tree Authority) mandated NMC to submit reports from NEERI, CSIR, NGRI, SERC, specifying the necessity of tree removal for the dam’s structural safety. The local body was also directed to explore the possibility of transplanting heritage trees, emphasizing their conservation. Furthermore, NMC was instructed to engage in compensatory afforestation, planting new native or indigenous species equivalent to the cumulative age of the trees marked for cutting.

Post-Implementation Measures

The NMC received additional directives to geo-tag the newly planted trees and monitor their growth using the latest technologies. These trees are to be maintained for seven years, and in case of any mortality, equivalent new trees must be planted. The Irrigation Department’s assessment identified high-rise trees on the embankment as a potential problem. Despite the report lingering in cold storage, the NMC and other political leaders only took action in the aftermath of the flash floods in the city along the banks of the Naag River.

The decision to fell 613 trees for the Ambazari Dam widening project raises critical questions about environmental impact and adherence to safety measures. While the authorities have outlined a comprehensive plan, ongoing monitoring and public scrutiny will be essential to ensure the project’s success without compromising the ecological balance.


  1. Are the heritage trees marked for removal being transplanted?
    • The authorities are exploring the possibility of transplantation to preserve heritage trees.
  2. What measures are in place for compensatory afforestation?
    • New native or indigenous species trees will be planted, equivalent to the cumulative age of the trees marked for cutting.
  3. How long will the newly planted trees be monitored?
    • The growth of newly planted trees will be monitored using advanced technologies for a period of seven years.
  4. What triggered the decision to widen Ambazari Road?
    • The decision was prompted by the need to create a four-laned road from University Campus Square to Subhash Nagar junction for enhanced connectivity.
  5. What is the significance of the State Government’s involvement in Ambazari Dam strengthening?

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